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Posted in: Back pain.

Question on back pain afther a car accident

Started by NGuy on 12/25/2010 4:11pm

Hi everyone,

I was in a car accident where the car roll over and was stoped by a tree in a 90 degree angle, that means that the force of the crash was like if I was sitting in the car and dropped from several feets hight.

Afther the accident I was able to walk out but when I was taked by the ambulance I was unable to raise my head because I had very little energy in it.

I was taken x rays only in the neck and nothing was found and I have recover fully afther a month, however I still feel a very light pain in the lumbar area that has been less every week, this pain is usually felt at bed and sometimes during the day, did not felt it right ather the accident but like 3 days later, maybe because of pain medication , I'm worried if I may have a fracture or if this will fully recover.

Ah I have to add that I don't know if this has to do with it but i'm going to the bathroom many times at night... I read somewhere that this part of the nerves has something to do with organs nearby...

Thanks for any advice.

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Hey Nguy - I would see a Dr and hopefully that Dr will recommend an MRI/CT to see if there are any issues that can't be seen on an xray.

While my disc problems can be seen clearly on an xray, they are able to determin with an MRI if there is any swelling into the spinal cord, small hair line fractures etc, and basically get a finer look at the structure over an xray.

I hope it gets better for you, but I would look into seeing a Dr that specializes in this area of the back and deals with just such injuries.

Good Luck .... Jenn