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TLIF Surgery lots of ????

Started by jww0303 on 01/05/2011 9:26am

Hello all.. I am new to this forum so forgive me if I babble alot.. I have had DDD and severe at l5-s1 along with disc protrusion and annular tear at the same level.. My pain is mainly from IDD with some buttocks pain, leg pain that goes into my foot on the left side,, I have had all the PT, Rest, Epidural Injections, facet injections and all types of meds.. I had a discogram on 12-15-10 which confirmed my pain was from discogenic pain at l5-s1 level and that l4-l5 would hold the fusion.. The discogram was PAINFUL as hell when he injected the bad disc.. L3-l4, and l4-l5 there was just pressure.. I seen the furoscopic image after it was done and the bad disc the dye was going everywhere.. The other 2 disc looked like a small cotton ball and was formed as they shoulda been.. I met with the neurosurgeon on 12-29-10 and we decided on a TLIF minimal invasive with harware ( 4 pedicle screws, BMP cage and my own bone for fusion and bank if necessary with rods to be inserted).. My questions come in here.. What to expect affter surgery while in recovery and what meds should i choose for pain control ie: Morphine, Dilaudid and also what is best in the PCA pump.. I know everyone is different but I am opiate tolerant from the years of being on oxycodone, hydrocodone etc.. My surgeon is very compassionate and will usually agree to what ever the patient decides on.. #2. How long is the Hospital stay usually? #3.. What was your overall pain and healing time once at home? #4. Any helpful pointers for after surgery home stay? I will be grateful to hear any suggestions or storys u may have.. Thank You..


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Everyone I have talked too including cousins with fusions say that if you use your own bone from the hip, the pain just from that part of the surgery is alot worse than the actual back fusions. They would never use thier own bone again if further fusions were needed. So you may want to save yourself some unneeded pain.


Hi, I am 32 and I just had my 10th back surgery and I sat right where you are 8 years ago. It started with a car accident but I have DDD and the DDD causes herniated dics. DO NOT USE BONE FROM YOUR HIP! It does help with healing but it hurts like hell. They have proteins they use now. And depending on your age your doctor can order a bone growth stimulator and may tell you if you smoke to stop smoking. Smoking does cause the healing to slow dramatically. I know first hand. I didn't quit and are suffering the consequences. Along with just being very active. My first fusion I was very careful I didn't do anything I eased into rehab like a baby I wish I had jumped in more like a toddler. I probably would be in better shape. Rehab is very very important. Make sure you have a great Physical Therapist. They are just as important as your Nuerosurgeon. You are going to one of those right? if your not thats who you need to go to. DO NOT GO TO A ORTHO!!!!!! As far as the pain managament goes after surgery it is of personal preference I can tolerate pain, I was a single mom for many years my son is now 12 and plays ice hockey 3 times a week, I am a newlywed so I have had to deal with pain for a long time. I only take lortab so I have only taken Morphine while in the hospital or taken Demoral thru intermuscular. When you get it thru a IV it goes directly into your veins which is immediate (BREAK THRU MEDS) PCA pump those last for a little while. depending on the dose that your doctor writes. Then there is the one you can get thru the muscle ( legs or bicep, butt) that takes a few minutes to get in your system and lasts for 2 hours, you can get that and get percocett 2 hours after the IV. I don't recommend the oxycotin everyone is doing only because it is highly addictive. I know its hard to believe but you can get addicted with only a few doses dont let people tell you otherwise. Plan on being in a different pain. YOu may still feel some nerve pain and that is normal but that is because the disc sat on the nerve for some time. A dr once put it this way, If you had a rock in your shoe for 6 months and said your foot hurt and you took the rock out is your foot going to stop hurting right away no your foot has to heal. It is just a different pain. It will go away, it just takes time. It will be a tolerable pain, If I can do it you can do it. Good luck and if you need more info hit me back!