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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

L4 L5 S1 double fusion two titanium plates and screws

Started by clapton on 01/12/2011 10:42pm

hope this works surgery pending likely in a few weeks. Suffer a bad fall a year ago bad pain in gluts and back of thigh around knee some numbness in foot with pin and needles sensation.This pain is not constant but seems to trigger with short walks sometimes.When pain is fully engage I can not walk must lay down. Nerve block facet inject helped but did not last i have had three.When I have no pain I feel anti-surgery when i have pain i would lay down on the ground for surgery.Do i wait any longer will it get better. Can i do more damage by putting it off. How long will my recovery be. How strong will my back be????Some of the online blogs causes massive fear!!!!Suffering major depression from lack of no activity

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Spiner Man? Did you ever have a back surgery of any kind????
Clapton I had a lot of work done on my lumber spine with a Fusion , I`m 6 months post opp and I`m about at the same pain level most days as presurgery. Make sure Surgery is do or almost die. You will have 3 months of pure HECK ahead of you. There are many people out there that surgery helps. If nothing else my surgery gave me Hope and it will help your depression. Think you have a chance to be pain free some day. Good luck Sam


I too am recommended for a spinal fusion l4-s1 with 6 screws, 2 rods, 2 artifical discs as well. Very afraid to do it, I read some people having good results and then I read horror stories. I am currently taking 45mg(3) morphine a day, 2 vicodin, mobic(antiinflammatory) muscle relaxor and valium ocassional, when things get too much for me, hope I'm making the right decision for surgery. I also have portable tens unit, which does help and I love laying on my heating pad, heat for some reason feels good. Good luck to everyone!


Hi sounds like my back I am 53 and have had 3 Diskectomies, 1 Laminectomy and fusion on L3,L4,L5,S1 but apparently L5 S1 I feel need to be fused. Due to the medical procedures I have had last year from March I was told 2 months ago that I have Arachnoiditis and also L5, S1 have bulged. With the condition I have there is no cure but it is caused from surgery, infections and CT Myelgram dye. The pain at night is insane the electrical pulses that go down my legs and then explode anywhere they like and have started to happen when I am standing. It also feels like water running your leg. I am not allowed to do any exercise like aqua therapy as it will up set the tangled nerves in my back and give pain. I now have had 5 surgeries I would say if you can steer away from the knife do so but I am only talking from my own experience. Found another thing you must be on Anti Depressants as I know I can not do a lot of things like bend over to pick something off the floor its an effort. The bad days out way the good days too.
They say it takes 6 to 9 months to recover from surgery and with mine its for life.
Hope I havn't done a downer on you just saying from the heart



Hi Clapton.. Pretty much everyone I know, including myself, faces that question " is surgery the
right thing to do? " I have L5-S1 but our symptoms are identical. For me, it all began with when my feet started to hurt one afternoon and by that night I couldn't do a thing! After initially being diagnosed with Sciatica, I suffered for a month before learning I had Spondylolythesis w/pars fracture L5-S1...a congenital defect. The pars-articularis (at the end of the vertebre) just snapped and allowed the vertebre to slip forward. That was two years ago this week.

My age "55" ofcourse played a factor. But it happens to teens, common in gymnasts, folks who
horseback ride alot, etc.. So my defect lasted through my childhood, giving birth to two babies,
18 yrs as a police officer, and being pretty active, playing on 2 different softball teams, working out..
(BUT, now I know the reason why I could never hike without having some type of ache or pain!)
And never, ever, found bike riding, a comfortable sport!

I had the epidural rounds...but can't have anymore. I started getting gastritic attacks from them,
which is a side effect. (last thing a person needs with this is an ulcer!!) I also learned too many
epidurals themselves, can cause nerve damage. Afterall, that's where those shots are going.

Like you, when there is no pain, especially the nerve pain, I start thinking surgery may be too extreme...then there are those days I would jump onto the table!! It is very, very, frustrating.
I try to take as little meds as possible, but am currently on neurontin, which helps with the
nerve pain, and tramadol daily, with a back up of Lortab for the ' bad days'.

But after two years of epidurals..PT, Water Therapy, and Therapeutic Massage..I am scheduling
surgery. I've given it my best shot non surgically, and now just want to get it done. Hopefully
I can regain my mobility, maybe not softball, but gotta be realistic too at 55.. Even on good days, I used to go out and garden, go to the gym, but the last few months I've just been afraid to do much of anything. There are even certain household chores that my husband has to do....I can't stretch to do things like clean mirrors, or the shower, etc... We were in a pool this past summer, and it felt great til I found a volleyball and we started to play a 'friendly' game. The next 3 wks I could not move off the sofa. Needed the last 2 epidurals the anesthesist said he would do. So to the surgeon
this Wed. 1/19, to set it all up.

I wish you luck. This is a great site for information.. I have gotten alot of valuable information from here. Good luck to you...hope you will post your progress. Wish you the best!



thanks to everyone for their input.Hope the best for all.I did find an article on lumbosacral back and sacroiliac joint pain. Web site is 1backpain.com/sac. Quick summary the s.i. joints may be moving excessively due to degenerative issues causing inflammation and pain in gluts. They suggested a s.i. joint brace basically a 3 inch elastic web velcro band worn low on the hips. I have tried this for a couple days now and it certainly seems to have eliminated the pain. OK maybe its just me,maybe its all in my head. Anyone experience these devices? I understand that the band eliminates excessive movement and supports the proformas muscle. The diagnosis of this is sacroiliac joint dysfunction.......what best med,suppliments,herbal alternatives for nerve pain? thanks ec