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Harrington rod issues /1980/Dr. Kiem

Started by holly_waves on 01/19/2011 7:42pm

I am a 44 yr old female with what I was told to be flatback syndrome & degenerative joint & disc disease. Had scoliosis surgery w/Dr. Kiem in 1980. Although experiecing some pain & discomfort over the past 15 yrs, nothing compared to the past 3 months. Just had an xray done by my GP. She saw my bottom 2 discs under the fusion & rod have moved but recommends MRI & ortho follow up. Can anyone recommend a Dr. in CT. NJ or NY? Someone who actually has experience in helping harrington rod issues? I see a lot of talk about people getting ready to have rods removed after many years but no discussions on how they are doing after treatment. That makes me a little nervous.

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I have a Harrington Rod as well.I had surgery in 1976.They fused me from T4- L4. At about the age of 30,I developed severe degenerative disc disease in my spine.I have had 4 more spinal surgeries.I am now fused in my neck .And they extended the original fusion down to my pelvis just recently in '08.I have a wonderful surgeon here in New York State..He took on a lot with a spine like mine and he has helped to relive some of the pain and keep me walking! No one told me when I was a teenager ,that later in life it would be rough as I aged.And that I would need revisions to the original surgery.Taking the rods out of a fused spine is not an easy thing to do and I would never do it.I have so much metal in me now it is unbelievable.If you would like any info on my doctor,I would be happy to share that with you.And also, if you just need to talk to a fellow Harrington rod survivor : )


I just posted for the first time in a new discussion something similar to you, harr rod and the bottom 2 disc under crushed.....try to find my original post and we can look for a solution. I am walking like I have flatback but one surgeon said didnt but I can hardly straighten up unless I am meds uped!
Lets look for solutions together!