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Degenerative Disc Disease/ Foundations???

Started by Amberflower on 02/06/2011 4:18pm

Hello, I personally have Degenerative Disc Disease, and doing a project on it. Does anyone know if there is a foundation or specialized centers that look after patients with this condition???
Thank you

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The only specialized centers I know of are the pain clinics, those are all being overran by addicts and dealers and crooked Dr.s. It's getting hard to find a real Pain Dr. I am lucky that I have one. I also have 4 fusions in my neck with the disc's above and below going out fast. 2 Fusions from the front and back in my lower back and just had a pain pump put in on 12-23-11, The pain pump is the first treatment to where I actually feel like I am getting my life back. I think this site is one of the best I've found so far. Not much out there for us. I wish there was a Chronic Pain group like the AA has where Chronic Pain Sufferers could meet. No one understands Chronic Pain unless they have it. I have a Cousin who is a Dr. and has Chronic pain with Fybromyalgia and he told me that "If anyone trys to tell you how to handle your Chronic Pain by saying quit all the meds, or you need to do more and they have never had Chronic Pain. Don't listen too them" I don't either because they really do not understand. Like they don't understand why I turned into a night owl. Theres nothing going on at night and I can actually sit back and relax. I damn sure can't sleep until I am worn out enough too sleep. If you find any group sites let me know.