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Need a good Ortho Dr. in Upstate NY

Started by Chris P on 03/15/2011 2:13pm

Hi All,

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my post. I'm looking for a good Dr. in Upstate NY- Syracuse and surrounding area preferably. I have many issues with my cervical and lumbar spine- I'm looking to get a second opinion on both areas. There aren't to many Ortho's that do spine surgery right in my area- so I have to look else where. I'm hoping someone on this site has heard of , or seen an Ortho Dr. that comes highly recommended. I know I'm looking to have a disco-gram on my Lumbar so that we may possibly move forward with a plan for surgery. Let me say up front, I'm not looking forward to having surgery- but this does seem to be my only option at this point. I suffer daily with severe pain- that my meds barely take the edge off . I'm sick of living like this- I wan't some form of quality of my life BACK. Any and all advise is greatly appreciated- thanks so very much in advance for your time/help.
Chris (exhausted from the pain)

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I read your other post describing your pain...I have a herniated L5/S1. My right foot is numb all over...like hitting your funny bone all the time! OUCH!

Anyway, I am seeing one of the best Ortho doc in NM for a shoulder injury. He told me never have an ortho work on your back. He said orthos are not trained in that area, that's why spine and back surgeons exist. An ortho may have the training, but they do not regularly operate on backs.

Just passing this on. Good luck and I hope you find what you need.



HI MF 1989,

Thanks for your advise-I'm still not sure why I'm to go an Ortho Dr. for my back either. My attorney suggested it- I questioned him also- his reply was "you need a second opinion- get an Ortho Consult for your back ". I know they do perform back surgeries, but like you said "they don't specialize in that field ". Guess I'm kinda confused- and really hoping to find an answer to the pain and misery I feel on a daily basis. After awhile we tend to grasp at anything if we feel there might be a shred of hope for some pain relief. I will continue to look for answers- hoping to find something that will work .
I'm sorry , but I can't see here- what you wrote about your injuries. It was Lumbar right? What have you done, or plan to do to get some relief for you pain? Thanks again, hope you have a day without much pain.