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Young Very Active Father with Pars defect, Spond

Started by mnichols0205 on 03/16/2011 8:54pm

Ok now this sucks and I would like opinions. Im 24 almost 25 active father. Throughout my teens years I had a shooting pain down my leg every so often and didnt ever want to go to the dr. Yes I am stubborn..lol Anyways Lately having alot of back pain and my leg going numb etc... Went and finally got checked out and the clinic doctor asked me how I could be walking and dealing with pain. He said I was born with pars defect and spondolosis and have a broken verterbra. Now doctors galore and appointments up the you know what. People help me out and let me know what im looking at... What is all this L4-5-6 stuff? is pars defect my broken verterbra... First appointment soon with a pain management doc and surgeon what do i do?

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don't know what pars is and I don't have any lower spine issues. Mine is / was in the cervical area. I had spinal fusion surgery about 9 mos ago because of agonizing pain and numbness in my left arm and upper middle back. The L4 , 5, 6 stuff are numbers for your vertabrae. Its how they pinpoint where nerves are possibly being contricted or pinched. What do you do? SEE A NEUROSURGON. This is your spine your talking about they specialize in spinal procedures and have the training. fellowship trained is a good thing to look for. lots of orthopedic docs do these operations and maybe do just fine.
my sister who is an RN says Neuro. guy is the only one she would let near her spinal cord.
You may not need surgery. My doc said that the numbness that does not respond to treatments such as chiropractic etc will mean nerve damage and possible loss of use of that limb. the longer you let it go the chances of that go up. some nerves can heal but sometimes not all the way. I had numbness in arm and hand (2 fingers complete numb) most of that came back after my fusion. tips of 2 fingers are still numb and may never come back completely. I for one am glad I did the surgery. Like i said you may be able to respond to other therapies and if those work stick with them untill surgery is the only option.

There are alot of sad horror stories on this sight. Reading them before and after my operaiton helped and also scared the shit out of me. Everyone is different, your back is yours alone. Don't settle for the doctor down the street if it doesn't feel right, find someone else even if ya have to drive 150 miles.
good luck to you, will send up a prayer that you healing goes well.