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paresthesia of right hand and foot for 3 months - possible causes including B6 toxicity

Started by magster123 on 03/28/2011 8:18pm

I developed paresthesia, pins and needles and burning in the right hand and right foot 3 months ago, seemingly out of the blue. I had been over-icing a right medial elbow tendonitis in January during very cold weather here, and I thought that maybe I started a sympathetic nervous system reaction to that cold trauma that started all these symptoms. I also realized that by January, I had been taking supplements that, all counting, had more than 200 mg of Vitamin B6. I read about Vitamin B6 neurotoxicity easily developing in people, especially if you are hypothyroid, as I am. I stopped all my supplements a month ago, but the symptoms haven't gone away. I did cervical traction, per my chiropractor, since his X rays showed C5-6 spinal osteophyte/ bone spurs, but the traction didn't help. I saw a neurologist who did a brain and cervical MRI. The brain MRI was fine; the cervical MRI showed the same pre-existing long-standing C5-6 osteophytes and narrowing of some disc space. The neurologist did a nerve conduction study and an EMG - all normal. Now, I am left with no one to help me figure out what caused this or how to heal it. I am on all day Tramadol and muscle relaxants to deal with all the pain that comes on intermittently, with no rhyme or reason. I wonder if I could have B6 toxicity, which shows the same symptoms as I have, when you do on-line searches. Does anyone have ANY suggestions?

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