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back pain chair

Started by lizp33558 on 03/31/2011 12:32pm

i hope someone can give me a little feedback, i read about special chairs for back pain, i have hernaited discs in mt thoriac spine and cervecial too, looking for help along with the pain killers and chiro treatment.any help would be great...thank sliz

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I have a zero gravity chair made by Human Touch. It reclines so that my back is nearly parallel with the floor and my knees, shins, and feet are higher than my head. It is said that it was developed from technology used in space launches. I wouldn't trade this chair for the world. As you recline you can feel the pressure leave your hips and back. Your weight is distributed all along your back rather than down your spine. I tried both the manual recline mechanism and the motorized. Bought the motorized as I was afraid I wouldn't be able to work the manual when in pain. I got the memory foam also, I did not sit in one with out memory foam so I don't really know if it is any better. Good luck finding what works best for you.