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facet joint fusion

Started by JackRat on 04/07/2011 7:08pm

I've had
two spinal decompression laminectomies for L4-L5 in April of 2008 and April of 2010 to no avail. I have low back pain into buttocks both groins and all down my right leg and into foot. The pain is constant and waxes and wains into direct relation with activity level. I've had numerous facet blocks and rhizotomiesand therapies. The only relief is short term from the marcaine during facet blocks followed by increased pain for 10-14 days.

I have a new neurosurgeon who is very confident about a procedure of fusing the affected facet joints to the vertebrae and packing some sort of cement into the area. he claims very good sucess rate with a total recovery of 4 months. I've been dealing with this for 10 years with symptoms increasing steadily. He claims that I won't find any information on the internet about this exact procedure. Has anyone heard of this procedure or have any background info whatsoever. Thanks for your time.

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