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Posted in: Back pain, and Sciatica.

help--2nd time lower back pain

Started by boley55 on 04/26/2011 10:05am

this is the 2nd episode of low back pain into one side around the love handle area, excruciating, can't stand for long, no radiation down legs, tried chiro and still getting tx every 10 days or so, tried deep massage without much help, only thing that helped with "steroid injection". first episode was about 1.5 months ago, it just started tweaking again this a.m.

What the H___ is it? the PA, without any x-rays, etc, says "sciatica". what do you guys know?

thanks, boley55

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Sciatica is often used for any severe back or leg pain and is often very generic. Sciatica is truly irritation to the sciatic nerve which travels from the back down the leg. You had a steroid injection before that helped. Did they say where the injected? Was there a MRI or anything? If it is disc related, which I can not tell, and someone would have to make that diagnosis; adding mechenzi exercises or decompression might help. A chiropractor or physical therapist can prescribe them if they do them in the office. If a steroid injection worked the first time, you might want to consider looking into this again. You do not want to rely on these, however. When in less pain, spinal rehab/strengthening would be a must.