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need help with my mri, please

Started by Fatima on 04/26/2011 11:03pm

my oncologist had me go cause I am having pain in my neck and down my right arm and right hand is numb with tingling and left hand is also but only my little finger and ring finger, i have lots of pain and at night when i try and lay down, don't sleep mush, any way this is what it says,

1 small to moderate, broad-based, left paramedian, c5-c6 disc protrusion causing focal effacement of the left ventral thecal sac and slight canal stenosis.
2 moderate disc bulge at c6-c7 causing mild effacement of the ventral thecal sac and borderline canal stenosis. no difinite nerve root impingement is see.
also says the AP diameter of the spinal canal measures 1 cm.

the doc wants me to go to a spine surgeon or a neurologist surgeon,

thank you to any one who can help me understand what is going on,, im real scared


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You arent alone! I had the same issues and had issues from T1 all the way to C2. I was scared to death! The Dr's all kept telling me that if I didnt have surgery I would be paralyzed. I had a laminectomy and spinal fusion with hardware on 12/13. It was a rough first 2 months or more. But slowly it has become better with PT and meds. I just now have gotten off of the narcotics and have moved to advil. I still take a muscle relaxer now and again too. I wont lie, the surgery was rough coming out of. I had so much pain the first month. But it is different for everyone. And if I have one piece of advice go see the folks at the Rothman institute. My surgery was done by Dr Todd Albert down at Jefferson. He is the top guy at this type of issue. Good luck and I hope you feel better!


ty for posting,, I'm very scared cause i am a addict and I'm should not have narcotics,, i don't no what I'm going to do, i have been clean sense march 17 and doing good, right now I'm just living with the pain they have me on lyrica 300 mg twice a day and it helps a little,,,