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triple fusion ?

Started by scared on 04/30/2011 3:38pm

i am a 52 year old male . severe pain lower back,hip,and right leg for several years. probably had 20 or more injections over the years. (epidurals,nerve blocks, etc.) pain is now also in my left leg,(very sharp, drop you to your knees pain) that comes and goes when it wants to. according to mri and surgeon i have degenerative d d at L3/4 L4/5 L5/S1 . stenosis L3 L4 L5 facet arthrosis L3 L4 L5 spondylolisthsis L5 spondylolysis L5. he wants to fuse L3,L4,L5 bone graft from hip. i was wondering if anyone has had this or similar done ? iwould really appreciate some reponse from anyone, cause i am scared as hell

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I'm 52 and have the exact same lower back condition and symptoms in addition to 2 ruptured discs. Dealt with it for 15 years until it laid me out on the couch for 3 days during the thanksgiving holiday which at that point got fed up with my PCPs dismissive attitude and went to pain management for injections and painkillers. Have been taken oxycodone 15mg 4 times a day since then and feeling pretty good except when doing a lot of yard work or renovations.

Fusing L3 thru L5 will limit your mobility, you will never be pain free, no guarantee on level of pain relief, possibility of worse problems years from now.

My opinion is to try every possible option before surgery. Fusion is primitave surgery requiring a hammer, screwdriver, nuts, bolts and steel and needs somehow to be brought into the 21st century.

If you smoke, try to stop. Try to drink 2 qts of water a day for 1 month and see how you feel. This helped me a lot. Be careful with statins, I grew bone spurs in my finger joints within 90 days of taking them and they are all up and down my back, and they were not there a year ago.


I had the exact problem and had the triple fusion over 2 yrs ago. I am totally painfree with no loss of movement. I can place my hands palm down, on the floor, without bending my knees. I ride horses, do heavy yardwork, shoveling, and dance. However, my fusion was done with metal, not bone grafts. Bone grafts is the old way of doing things. The only problem is some nerve pain occasionally shooting down my left leg. I have never regretted the surgery. I'll admit, the surgery is brutual but if you get in good shape, strong stomache and back muscles BEFORE the surgery, you won't even need re-hab afterwards. I didn't. And, I vacumed the house and drove the car, and danced 10 days after surgery! Do some more research and then decide on your options. Best of luck.


Thanks for the contrasting comment and I don't want to sound like an alarmist. God Bless you. I wish everyone had similar success. My wife had a single fusion with only minimal relief and a long recovery time.

I guess this is further proof that every condition, person and treatment varies. Makes you wonder if it's the skill of the doctor or the patient