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Is there any connection betwwen Emotional Stress and Backpain

Started by aartiravinder on 05/03/2011 3:43pm

I'm 26yrs old and since three years, I'm suffering from back pain. When i got my MRI report, there is a mild disc bulge in L4-5, L5-S1 disc herniation. But after taking some medications its normal. Since 5 months I'm observing my back pain became worse. These days I'm emotionally stressed. Its seems like the more stressed, back pain becoming worse. Sometime i will get severe headache too. Is there any connection between Emotional stress and back pain. The reason for my stress is I'm missing my parents and family back there in India. Its been more than four years that i didn't met with them.

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Any kind of stress - physical or emotional can worsen an existing pain syndrome. However, if you aren't actively treating your lower back pain it's more likely that your condition is getting worse than your emotional stress is causing it to get worse. The headaches are likely something else, but could be related to spinal pressure - I don't know.

It sounds like you are also talking about being depression. That should be addressed by a visit to a doctor. In addition, people in pain often become depressed when their pain refuses to go away - it's hard to imagine a life where pain never goes away... So yes, there's a connection between pain and emotion, but it's important to look at both individually and figure out if they are individual issues or related in your situation.

Best of luck!