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Lesioning of two facet nerves.

Started by bertnasse on 05/05/2011 7:37pm

I have had various treatments and a verterbrae fitted with a wallis brace for 6 years, then about 2 years ago they did a 360 degree turn and tested me for facet nerve damage (caused by radiation,my opinion) that I told every doctor, specialist etc. since Dec.2004.

I have always known my chronic pain problem, but no one listens. They treatrd me in May 2010 with radio frequency and again in Oct.2010 with failed results.My next consultation was Jan,2011 when the Pain Management doctor informed me ''that due to NHS cut backs he could not treat me''. However, he made an appointment for this Aug, and he would then apply for funding, and if he got this, he would carry on in Dec. or early 2012.

My private insurance does not cover me for Pain Management, Cancer and Physiotherapy. Surgery yes! I am now searching for a surgeon/doctor that will do the lesioning by laser surgery. I do not care wether it is invasive or keyhole surgery. Somebody find me this kind of person, please.

You people out there must be bored with my bleating, as there are dozens of you suffering mega pain where mine must sound petty. Thanks for reading this any way.

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