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Tarlov Cysts

Started by Prcnprncss on 05/10/2011 7:04pm

I have had gradually worsening lower back problems since a tv fell on me 11 years ago. My orthopedic doctor at that time did not order any xrays or mris, just sent me to pain management where they just gave me codone and acted like they didnt believe my pain...and physical therapy where they wanted me to run on a treadmill which was obsurd in the pain I was in also sent me for a lower lumbar facet injection, which he told me was painless and I could work the next day. I had the shot-they did not numb me-my mom heard me screaming down the hall, said I had to walk out of hospital to see that I'm not paralyzed...ended up hardly walking for 1.5 months by baby shuffles crying when I walked. Needless to say I never went back to him. I dealt with pain so many years then it got really bad 2009 I went to chiropractor which ordered xray and MRI, told me I have lower lumbar facet syndrome, arthritis, 3 bulging discs L3-L5. He put me on DRX decompression which helped a little but after 1.5 years going there I have neck pains and a bulge in neck so stopped going after he couldn't help me anymore. Now I found a neurosurgeon specializing in lumbar/spine got new xray and MRI...1 month trying to get into his office for the followupand they say all we see on report is arthritis and Tarlov Cysts we can't do anything for you here but can send you to pain management for shots...I researched Tarlov Cysts on foundation website and seems only approx. 7 doctors worldwide specialize in cysts...my question is should I get shots in back next week at pain management or hold off and wait for consultation from specialist I'm sending records to in Kansas City?... I live in VA....will the shots make it worse like before? I'm in such bad pain shooting down legs, stabbing, burning, pins and needles...now to my fingers all the way to my toes, bladder issues, not sleeping...and the kicker is 2 days ago at work I couldn't walk anymore and grabbed a shopping Cary to drag my legs behind to get to the office to call someone to take me to ER... It's affecting my work and driving now suddenly! What do I do??? Right now I'm afraid I'm going to lose my new job because I can't do the work...can I get on disability? If so from what doctor? I'm between them right now... I'm very worried.

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