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AILF recovery, day 7, AMAZING, anyone else?

Started by Opie on 06/09/2011 3:54pm

I read so many posts before fighting L&I for 2 years to be able to get this surgery, Finally got it OK'd and went in last week. Sure my abdomen hurts badly but I have had little to NO back. butt, leg or foot pain since I woke up. I did have to stay one extra day in the hospy b/c of my bladder not wanting to work well but now that I am home I feel on top of the world! It is so good it scares me that the shoe may drop. I see the Dr tomorrow for my first follow up and Xrays but I am amazed at the positive outcome so far. Anyone else have good results?


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Mary it''s okay to be positive. Thank God for the great gift, put that smile on your face and heal!


Hi Mary!

Congrats on having such great pain relief so soon after surgery! And thank you for taking the time to share a positive post! It really helps those of us who are still waiting to "pull the trigger" so to speak. So thanks! It gives us a little more hope!

Just be really, really careful not to overdo things because you feel so good already. It's a major surgery and will take months and months until you are truly "recovered." It can be deceptive with pain meds, too, because it may mask your pain and you'll try to do too much too soon. So, just take care and follow doc's orders, kay?

And thanks again for sharing!