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burning leg pain

Started by dk on 06/21/2011 7:32pm

I am new here. I have sciatica in both legs for about 6 weeks. It is getting worse I feel. Right now the burning in the back of my thighs is driving me crazy. The doctor prescibed neurontin to help with the burning. She keeps saying it may get better on it's own, but I don't see it. By my last mri, I had only had a disc bulge in the l3-l4 and l4-l5 area. I am worried about permament nerve damage. How do you know if this is occuring? She hasnt referred me to a neuroloigist yet. Not sure if I should just make an appointment? thanks for any help?

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Hi dk,
I am sorry you are having all these problems.I must say i got some good relief from the burning nerve pain with vitamin B12 sub lingual,without all the side effects of neurontin.I did eventually get the surgery,which pretty much took away the sciatica all together.Don't worry,6 weeks is not long enough to cause nerve damage,you must try all conservative measures first,as many times it does get better on it's own.
Nurse Nancy


Thank you Nancy for your words off encouragement! I have taken the b12 vitamin, but not everyday. I will make sure I am taking them everyday. I just found out today some new results from my mri. I haven't seen the report yet, but my doctor said the l3l4 disc is larger now. He called it a large disc protrusion. I guess that means the same as a disc herniation??? I a scheduled for an appointment with a neurosurgeon for her opinion of the results. I am hoping she gives me some answers to my leg pains on both sides. It is a central disc protrusion. I am not happy taking the neurontin, so the b12 would be a nice alternative. I have 2 little girls at home who need their old mommy back:) Thanks again for your words of encouragement. I hope your surgery went well in the past and you are doing well.


Any news on your recent MRI results dk?
As you probably know by now - yes your result does mean a herniated disc. I have Degenerative Disc Disease and have 2 fully herniated discs L 3-4 and L4-5 and 2 more bulging L1-2 and L2-3. Mine started with an L5-S1 slip (a spondylolisthesis) and progressed from there. The stats say approx 80% of herniated discs reabsorb without surgery - I'm so lucky that that has never happened for me and having DDD - a fusion is not the recommended treatment.
I'm an RN too, but am unable to work currently due to both my back and also being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis which for years has been declared as unrelated. However last November, the Mayo clinic has found a link which for me explains a lot.

Would be really interested in finding out how things are for you now. I live in Australia by the way.


Get OFF Neurontin, Don't stop it on your own but, Have the doctor ween you off fast. it has some SEVERE Neurological and Psychological side effects. I know from personal experience and research

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I had / have herniations L3-4, L4-5 and L5-S1, I continue to get the burning sensations even after I had ESIs and surgery.Its caused by the inflammation that presses on the nerves.

I asked my doctor about having permanent nerve damage as a result,
She advised me they don't even get concerned about permanent nerve damage until 5 years after the nerve has been compressed.
I thought this may have been far fetched and I called a neurologist.
The neurologist also advised me that even though they try to relieve the cause of the nerve pressure as soon as possible as long as there is good blood flow to the area they are not as concerned about permanent nerve damage because the nervous system is very resilient and can repair itself, have other nerves assume the role of the injured nerve and even return to normal as soon as the underlying condition is repaired.

I have the burning pain in my calves, I sometimes get relief from using my TENS unit, I am also taking Savella, this seems to have a positive impact on the severity of the burning and shooting pains. The burning is very annoying but, as I'm told I'll have to deal with it for the rest of my life.

Good Luck and I literally feel your pain