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Lumbar Ganglion spontaneous rupture

Started by Steve66 on 07/06/2011 3:48pm

I have been diagnosed as having a large facet joint Ganglion at the right of L3/4 that has been causing me intense pain for nearly 6 months.
Having been processed via my GP, Physiotherapist and my local
Hospital I eventually had an MRI which confirmed the diagnosis.
Now having waited patiently for an operation to have this removed the severe pains in my right leg have suddenly ceased.
I am aware that a Ganglion can spontaneously rupture but have no idea if this has occurred as I still have lower back pain and some restriction of movement. As I am due to go for surgery next week I now have a dilema.
How can I be sure this has ruptured and is completely cured without taking the risk of having an unneccessary operation?
My back still feel the same and I have experienced no sensation of anything bursting but the pains in my leg have abatted considerably...
Grateful for any information from anyone who has experienced this themselves or is aware of anyone this has happened to

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Hiya Steve,

Wow, hon. I can't say I'm familiar with this, but figured I'd throw out a few thoughts....
did you search around on this site?
did ya try just a general google search to see if anything turns up.
I'm curious to see what you find out and how it goes for ya.

I hope you'll find some answers/relief soon!