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MRI Results

Started by lalston350 on 08/24/2011 7:49am

I just got the results of a Cervical Spine MRI and wanted to know what they mean:

c3-c4: Tiny central annular fissure without mass effect on spinal cord or foraminal encroachment.

c4-c5: Slight bulging disc without mass effect on spinal cord or foraminal encroachment mild arthritic change involving the right facet joint

c5-C6: Mild spondylosis with a central left paramedian disc herniation with mass effect on anterior left surface of the cord still spinal fluid posterior to the cord no signal change within the cord. This could affect the left nerve VI root

c6-c7: Mild spondylosis with broad-based bulging disc and apur thinning the subarachnoid space, small amount of spinal fluid around the cord small foraminal spurs present left greater than right could affect nerve VII roots no signal change in the cord

I have a lot of headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, left and right arm numbness, left hand left-side numbness, colder left foot, numbness in left leg, numbness in left foot, swollen area on left leg,and when I have to urinate, I have cannot wait or I urinate immediately.

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Hi had my surgery in Marchi Louis, my name is RENE,new also to sight.My story is posted u can find it w the one w alot of replies.Anyway, i think I can help u understand. I am an orthopredic nurse,
1 Discs 3+4 small fissure, Tear)
2. 4+5 : light bulging noted at those discs
3. start of arthritic changes at R facet joint of spine at C4=5 level.
4. C5+6 disc herniation.( Not in place )
5. 6 +7 bulging discs and spurs,w small amount of spinal leakage (spurs look like rose thorns) parts of bone that form and press intonferves, probably causing the leakage they found.

All this bulging, hernation n spurs pressing on spinal neves is what causes the unbearable pain

I hope by now u hav made ur appointment with a neuro surgeon. Not to scare u but leaking spinal fluid is not good and second and mostly, is ur loss of holding your urine. When speaking to receptionist make sure u state that he will see u almost immediaiatly, or make sure off it! Feel better and welcome to the group. RENE :)