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What to do when all else fails?

Started by ronisei on 04/20/2012 10:12am

I've had 3 surgery's on my back due to sever scoliosis, which included a discectomy on the top part of my spine, as well as these rods being put in and taken out and put back in. I live every day in bad pain, rasining a 4 year old and a 13 month old. I don't have time for that pain, but when I start to speak with a doctor about my pain, they start to look at me as if I'm a junckie. I belive it's because I'm only 27 and they belive no one my age can actually have this many pains. I'm tired of seeing these doctor's fresh out of med school whom, can't even put a disc in a computer and work the universal MRI program on the disc, to look at my spine. Is there any hope of finding a good doctor who has any expireance with with my condition?

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ronisei...............it is very hard to find a good pain clinic much less a good doctor in one.
its wrong for doctors to treat any of us as though we are drug addicts. but because of the few that abuse the perscibed medication and not to mention the ones that sale it on the streets. it makes it harder for the ones that realy do need it. it seems your condition is so much worse then mine. don't give up. keep looking for a pain clinic or a pain doctor that can give you better treatment. they are out there. just keep looking. keep you in my prayers.