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Facet Joint Injections, Nerve Pain and Back Pain

Started by Lhprairie24 on 05/01/2012 11:56am

I have been dealing with lower back pain for about 12 years now. In 2006 I had facet joint injections, I couldn't walk for 3 days, and suffered from nerve damage. The doctor told me he had a hard time getting the medication to the facet joint due to the amount of arthritis in my back. The facet joint injections left a lump on my lower back. The doctor said it should go away within a couple of days, but to date (2012) I still have the lump. It causes me alot of pain going from my lower back down my butt to my leg and to the bottom of my foot. I had trigger point injections, epidurals to help me with the pain, but all it has done was cause more pain. I have been on different medications, for so long. Has anyone out there ever have problems after facet injections? I went through surgery for disk replacement and fusion on l5s1 three years ago. I felt ok for about the first 8 months, after that all of the pain came back. I still have the nerve problem, and lower back pain is worse. I am so tired of waking up in the middle of the night because of the pain, I am going through a deppression that I just can't seam to shake. To top things off, I went through a procedure on my knee due to a torn meniscus, arthritis, and a cyst that I am healing from. I applied for disability, but was denied. I can't work because of my condition. I just can't take it no more! HELP

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Hi. I know excactly what your going through. I have had lower back pain since 1983-4. I just got through with facett injections, and they did not help me either. I also know what you meen, when you talk about waking up at night in pain, and your sense of depression. I feel very depressed a lot of the time due to the chronic pain, and lack of sleep, and the feeling of how i feel this has ruined my life. If i was you, as far as the disability goes, get a lawyer. I was rejected when i applied and got a lawyer, and my case was won. Good luck and ill be praying for you. celticman.


Hi, thank you for your comment and prayer. I prayed for you as well. It's so hard living in pain all the time. I had a torn meniscus, arthritis and a cyst in my knee that I had a procedure on after I posted my situation on my back. So now I am going through all of the back pain plus the knee pain. I got a lawyer in regards to the disability. I have worked all of my life and I miss it so much. Applying for disabilty was so hard for me to come to terms with, but I know that I can't work anymore and it makes me feel so less than. I have a wonderful family, but they just don't understand what I go through every day. I try not to talk about pain, but when I am in pain that is all that I can think about. When I found this website I knew I was not alone in dealing with chronic pain. After I had the injection I had a lump on my back, I think the doctor hit a nerve. Did you have any new problems after the injections? Thank you so much for your response, it gave me peace. Take Care!