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Back pain/ irritaion

Started by 100003048696294... on 06/03/2012 9:24am

Dear Sir,
I am suffering from pain/ irritation on the waist for the last one
year and also on front side of thigh pinning pain. Pain/ irritation
does not extend beyond knees on lower side. Sometimes standing creates
maximum irritation. I was treated with trinerve and excercise which
did not solve the problem. last month consulted a Ortho spine surgeon there and x-ray and MRI was done
which are as follows:-

1.At L5 level, bilateral spondylolysis, grade I anterolisthesis,
dessicated disc with pseudodisc bulge causing stenosis of bilateral
neural foramine and impining bilateral exiting nerves.
2. At L4-L5 level, dessicated disc, partial annular tear with mild
posterior disc btulge intending thecal sac.

After seeing the MRI doctor suggested surgery to be done since it has
affected nerves which caused irritation which goes beyond waist.

I am sir, not at all prepared for surgery and asked for medication and
gabapentin Mecabolamin along with paracetamol as pain killer was given
and physiotherapist showed some excercise which i could start last
week. After doing these exercise my problem aggravated and again i
contacted one orthopedics who said the exercises
were not correct which aggravated my problem and further suggested
some excercise and also suggested to take Trinerve daily.

Sir, My humble request to you that as suggested by doctors
whether SURGERY is must to cure this problems? I will definitely take
the advise of your esteemed Institute before taking any decision.

Thanks, Sir, Atleast if possible kindly answer my question to relive
me of great tension.

Kumar Sanju, India

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