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T11-L3 spinal fusion

Started by 616790214@facebook on 06/18/2012 2:26am

i fell 7' 3" thru a porch and had a spinal fusion from t11-l3 almost 3 years ago with placement of 2 rods and unknown amount of screws. i had to learn to walk all over again and have extreme nerve damage in my legs. my right rod constantly inside feels like it's on fire or like someone is poking me with a hot poker. of course i've never had that done to me so i'm only trying to explain how my back feels inside. i can't even stand to wash my left shin because of the "novocain" feeling in it. my dr has tried different meds for me and i have constant spasms in my back (rt side mainly) and legs to the point that my legs will involuntarily kick out during my sleep as well as having awful crampiness that keeps me awake. i also have left foot drop and trip constantly over it. i can move my hips from left to right but cannot move my hips to my right to left. i'm gaining weight because i am limited as to what i can do and still cannot push, pull or lift more than 10 lbs. lifting a gallon of milk kills me!!! is there anyone out there with the same problems (or similar) or any suggestions as to how to deal with the pain? even with pain meds and ambien as a sleep aide the pain keeps me up at night and is so bad it makes me cry. people around me think i'm crazy and over exaggerating but my feet swell so bad i can't even put slippers or flip flops on and i don't know how to explain the pain to anyone unless they have gone thru this themselves. as a result of my fall i also lost some hearing in my left ear and lose memory alot as i fell flat on concrete and had to have my head stapled back together. if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE help!

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