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What do you mean it's no big deal?

Started by 802045412@facebook on 06/20/2012 1:41pm

Ok, so I have been a pain sufferer for a few years. It's been a mild tolarable pain, I woke up last week in such intense pain I though I had broken something. I went to work, toughed it out. Ha, that was a joke, in between gritting my teeth through the pain I was in the bathroom crying my eyes out.
I have to tell you, I have a pretty high threshold for pain. After all I got have walked throught broken feet, worked past a broken wrist and went to work with a level 50 migrane headahe. So, for this pain to be this bad there is something wrong with me. So I went to the doctor had x-rays and got the results the other day. I have mild scoliosis (what do you mean mild?) The C5 disc is herniated or bulding, and digenative degenerative disc disease, but its no big deal.
Ok, I hurt this pain is at a kalvain rate, (hot as the sun), I have a weird lump in my upper back area near my neck off to one side, I have shotting throbing, tingeling pain down my left arm that goes into my wrist. My left leg hurst like the dickens and I have a headache all the time now.
But, its no big deal.
Yeah right, what the hell is wrong with me really? And how do I fix it?

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It us indeed a big deal. How do you fix it? Probably one problem at a time . It will require numerous visits to the doctors office and a lot of time and patience. At least you seem to have the latter.I would start by trying to solve whatever hurts the most.I also have scoliosis for which I had a spinal fusion with multiple disk decompressions.That was 28 years ago and it relieved my pain until now.I am now diagnose with Pagets disease and arthritis and am in a tolerable degree of pain most of the time.I guess both of us must start a long pilmigrage to doctors offices. Have you considered a pain clinic or perhaps acupuncture? Good luck and keep us posted in your progress.


My doctor sent me for an MRI after I spent one day of Labor Day weekend in the ER, due to pain so bad, I could not even walk, get dressed, or get out of a chair without help.

He had no idea that I went and got the written report and the CD. I called his office after reading that I have. "multiple levels of bulging discs, from L -1 through L-5 including the S-I joint. Some are "concentric", some are "prominent". All I know is that my left leg is killing me and my left foot is always tingling and going NUMB. I live on an ICE PACK jammed into my spine all day long.

It also says I have "dextroscoliosis" of the lumbar spine.

One of his medical assistants gets on the phone and tells me that they have the report and Dr, Grahling says, "no big deal, nothing is wrong". REALLY? I then told her that I have a copy of the report and the x-ray staff said that MULTIPLE BULGING DISCS, IS A BIG DEAL. Well, the medical assistant went silent.

Forget that 2 months ago, I went through RADIO FREQUENCY from this doctor, on both sides of my facet joints. The right side went rather well. The left side, was a completely different experience. I was on ice for 2 weeks. terrible pain in my back and my LEFT LEG. I tried to go in the pool to get some range of motion exercises in. I did 15 minutes, then back on ice for 5 days. I kept TRYING. Finally I got to swim for 30 minutes every other day, until the pools closed for the summer. A week later, I woke up and could not move. I could not get out of the bed or even lift my head up. I was so afraid. This had never happened before. It took me a solid week of phone calls and tears to get a response from this doctor.

Are they really that cold and stupid? My God. I have now been in tears for 12 days, and unable to get my underwear on because I cannot bend AT ALL. I cannot walk father than the 10 steps to the bathroom,(with a cane and my husband holding me up to get there) and once I am seated, my husband has to put his arms around me to haul me up. Even then, I gasp for breath (from the pain) and I have to take a moment to get my back to straighten up.

This has been my life for the past 2 weeks. My husband has to do everything, Cook dinner, shop, clean the house, wait on me, and then take me to the ER, the MRI, and today, he sent me for a regular x-ray. The technician said "this is stupid that you are having an x-ray after having an MRI."

Whatever.....L-1-L-2 then, L-2-L-3, L-4 - L-5, and L-5-S-I....all these discs ARE BULGING....."NO BIG DEAL".

My workers comp claim adjuster will not return my calls, and I need to get authorization to get an orthopedic or neurosurgeon doc. My pain clinic doc that referred me for the MRI, has canceled my follow up visit for next week! WHY WOULD HE DO THAT? "NO BIG DEAL".

I am getting blown off by everyone. The only thing they have given me is AVINZA (morphine) oxycodone, gabapentin, lyrica, flexoril, norflex. and Klorazepiam. I am sure they just want me to take too many, hoping I will "OD." >>>>"NO BIG DEAL". (they will save a bundle $$$$ if I croak)

They may get their wish. If you do not hear from me again, you will know that they continued to ignore me, and that I had to take more avinza then prescribed .(30mg 3 x;s a day) I really feel like cutting my left leg off it hurts...that bad. >>>>"NO BIG DEAL".

So to all you educated DOCTORS out there that have taken on workers compensation workers, not everyone is faking it. Since you KNOW I had a surgery in 1998 because of a herniated disc that caused me to be incontinent, how dare you cower down to the system, rather than help the patient you took on. >>>>"NO BIG DEAL".

"SWICEGOOD" (above my post) you are not the only one told your condition is, "NO BIG DEAL". That seems to be a common diagnoses these days.


ROOTSGAL. GET A LAWYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LAWYER! GET A LAWYER!
I can't say that enough. I had the same thing happen until I got a lawyer. He put in a, "Seven demand for medical treatment."
It still takes time, (I believe you're right, they hope we'll just go away and die and same them the $)!
My first work injury was in 2005. I was taking all the meds you mentioned for 2yrs. I finally got a lawyer and had a 2 level lumbar fusion. It went well, the worst part was what happened to me when I came off the meds.
I went back to work. 4yrs later another work injury blew out one disc, (c6-7) and tore another, (c5-6). That was Feb. 2, 2011. This Friday I'm going in for a fusion on the c-spine.
What I learned from the first time round is priceless. I didn't keep working. When the pain, ( this time between my shoulder blades, shoulder, arm and hand) got so bad that I was looking at oxy or morphine again...I just walked into the office mid shift, laid my keys on my bosses desk and said, "I quit. I can't do this again." Even though I quit my job, because it was work related, I got the medical treatment.
I have to say this, if it hadn't been for my lawyer, the w/comp ins. would have, (they did actually) closed my case. GET A LAWYER!
It still takes time, w/comp Dr.'s mission is to find nothing wrong, NOT to help you. Don't give up. Get a lawyer and keep on.
Best of luck, let me know how you get on.


Thank you for your response to my nightmare. Do you think a lawyer will help me at this stage of the "game"? I mean, my injury was so long ago and I have been on disability retirement for years now.

Not sure how an attorney would make money ( his 20%) off my case.

I left a pleading, screaming message (hysterical) on my claim adjusters voice mail, one on her supervisors and one on the "reoccurance" line. I got a call back the very next day and now she has approved me to go back to the neurosurgeon who was telling me all along that I need a fusion.

Apparently you have to threaten to "OD", for them to respond. I also received, in the mail, a letter telling me why she (claim adjuster) is denying an S-I injection. Apparently she tried to contact the BUSY doctor, and because he would not stop procedures and answer her call. that was enough to say "no".
I NEED those S-I injections. I have been getting them for years now. He has to do one more before I "qualify" for Radio Frequency, on my LEFT S-I joint.

I think he is bawking right now, because it "appears" that the radio frequency he did on the LEFT side of my lumbar facet joints, is why I now have FOUR, brand spanking new DISC BULGES, all on the left side. I am in a huge, black, back brace that W.C. had "over nighted "to me. I have to wear it all the time, even in bed or I literally cannot move. If I take it off, I cannot move or my whole back goes into one huge spasm. I am such a mess and they are so, jerking me around. She was trying to get me to go to a doctor that I know, is an IME doc, and I refused. I told her: "I know what you are trying to do, I have been going through this for 13 years now." I also told her that I KNOW I can choose my own doctor as long as they are in their network. > Gallagher-Bassett (use to be G.A.B. Robbins)

I am a total cripple, and these stupid insurance people are making my life a living hell. If I did not have my sweet son, I would have swallowed the whole bottle by now.....I cannot do that to him.

I know I cannot live like this anymore...I just cannot. It is too draining and I AM a burden to my family. They must be sick of being around someone that is crying all the time. I always need help because I can barely stand for more than a few minutes and that is with a cane.

I am seeing my neurosurgeon on September 24, and I have the CD with the new MRI and the one from December 2011, to compare them. I still have no idea why one day I was walking and the next, I cannot even get dressed by myself.

I will get back to you after this Monday. The pain clinic doctor finally called and gave me a morning appointment, ONLY because the claim adjuster called and left a message as to why he would not want to see a patient of his who had a procedure, and now cannot walk. This is so out of character for him.

Hope you feel better and about your upcoming fusion:
I had a FOUR level, anterior cervical fusion, in 2010. Four levels is very rare, and I can feel the hardware at times. You should wear the MIAMI J brace after your surgery for a solid month, 24 hours a day, even in the shower, so it heals perfectly. If you do not do this, the fusion may not fuse. That happened to me. My first one was in 2007, and that neurosurgeon told me NOT to wear any brace. The fusion FELL APART....I could feel it. He would not listen to me and it did NOT show up in the MRI so he blew me off.
I went to the next neurosurgeon @ UCONN and it was not until he cut into me, that he saw that the FUSION DID FALL APART, just like I said! Plate popped off and all the screws were wiggly. Moral of the story is: MRI's do not always show everything going on....they need to start listening to the PATIENTS more.

Have a good weekend ~


Rootsgal, I completely understand! I too began my journey thanks to W/C, with a Dr. that said yeah there is problems but I'm not going to do anything about it. I did get an attorney which I am pretty sure ended up working for the other side. The only good thing that came out of it was that I am finally able to go to mly own dr. I am a week out of my third fusion.... This is it! My NEW surgeon is awesome! I would go to a neuro over ortho anyday.... Good luck!


Thank Tina,

I have an appointment next Tuesday with a neurosurgeon. I am getting a S-I joint injection today, but only after I had to make many calls screaming, crying and pleading for help to my claim adjuster.

That beoch called the pharmacy and told them NOT to fill any prescriptions under W.C. anymore!
Just like that! I am going to ask the doctor today if he can help me out since he knows that I am in pain, although he acts like FOUR bulging discs all on the left side, are "NO BIG DEAL".

I come in to see him in a wheel chair and he knows I walked in for the last 9 months.

The system is aimed at wearing us down so we give up....I will NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

Take care and keep me posted.


check around and get another opinion . Yes , something is wrong ! go see a *neurosurgeon rather than
a orthopedic surgeon ... or maybe one of each . Opinions vary greatly . had i gone to a *neurosurgeon - 1st. rather than the other , things might have turned out better ? after two Fusion +hardware surgeries with the latter , i am still in constant pain . No one will touch me now . also , a word of caution ... if the
Doctor has an attitude , beware .


Dear tina,

I had a car accident in 2007 I had a lawyer and a Dr the lawyer told me to go to now that I settled my case ( car ins still paying for rest of life) my Dr seems to be pushing away from me because he can't get that big money he was getting from when I had the lawsuit going, but anyway I had an artificial disc put in my neck that I regret now of getting I still have so much pain I had ulnar nerve surgery ( that's your funny bone they call it) it was crushed I still have a lot of nerve pain down my left arm from that now I found out just here in July I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back L2-S1 I said how the heck did that happen I haven't done anything to make this happen now my Dr also is telling me its no big real what the Hell !!!!! I hurt so bad radiating down my left leg behind my knee to my feet and it is both legs but the left is the most I to am using a cane now I hate it I am only 46 years old and I feel like 96 I can't walk straight I am on tylenol #3 that is all they will give me they don't want me to get hooked on anything stronger hahahaha right I hate popping pills and they know it but I need sometimes something stronger. They want me to try aquatic therapy and injections, the injections didn't work for my neck what make them think its going to work for my back? I hurt all the time I know I am such a burden also to my husband and I hate it also I was supposed to be better after my last surgery now look he is frustrated I can tell but so am I I cry every day why don't anyone believe me on how much pain I am in or where it hurts or anything I say anymore, my Dr said to me the other day and I quote "Your handicaped deal with it". How cold is that and handed me an applicationfor a handicap sticker you hang from your mirror, I don't know what to do either I wish I could find someone that could relate to me also, good luck tina.