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Back surgeries. I have just had my third

Started by Linda Collins on 06/30/2012 8:58am

My name is Linda Collins and I am 52 years old. For years I was an avid runner. Very active. While not running I went to gym and did yoga. Two years ago I started having bad pangs in my back but they would go away and then one morning I woke with tremendous leg pain running down right side. Went to doc had cat scan herniation at l3 l4. Had surgery the following week. Leg pAin never went away. After six months of injections and nerve blocks no relief. After 6 months to the day 2nd surgery. Clean up fragments and remove bone spur. After about eight months of trying to live with the pain and taking 15 mg of oxycodone I could not take it. I made an appt with a neurosurgeon at university hospital. I am two weeks post surgery. I had a tlif at l3l4 fusion screws rod and cage. I have not seen the doctor but I have been told walking is the only thing I can do. Does anyone have any recommendations for me. Thanks to all

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hi linda i had surgery on my spine L1234 all fused and my back was broke they fused it also took out cushions and put in screws and rods also had made room for my nerves i feel good if i walk some i do the whirlpool and swim i take it easy thats what they want me to do they wont even let me vacumn. they say im am 78% fused i have muscle pain and it stops when i walk they want you to walk and as for the back they dont want you to mess things up they told me i would heal up in a year. 5pound weight are ok and exercise bike is ok hope you have a pain free back again


hi linda exercise with a chair leg stretches lay on back left legs for muscles to stretch. If your insurance would pay for it . therpy would be good for you. the most important thing is do not bendover. you must learn to squat or get down on knee if you dont you will have pain all the time. I have 8srews and 2 rods hold my lower lumbar together and my fusion is 100% fused .