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Myofascial Pain Syndrome...maybe...ugh...

Started by 100000001354837... on 07/12/2012 11:42pm

May 24th was my ground zero...couldnt sleep nagging burning pain tossing and turning all in an effort to have a few hours of sleep before having to report to work at 5am a smooth hours drive away...I got up and said I cant do this anymore...I called in and let them know I was going to the er....May the 4th I was pushing/pulling a 500L vessel of liquid material for work (normal for my job function) and I felt a noticeable snap/stab under my shoulder blade on my left side...the caster on the vessel was broken and would not move thus I over exerted myself which caused the snap/stab....I went to the er because every doc that I tried to see turned me away once I stated "on the job"...my claim had not gone through the proper channels at work so I couldnt get an approval from the worker comp people to be seen...(figures)...so I went to the er...and was dx with a sprained thoracic back...which in and of it's self was probably true but it has since turned into a chronic pain condition with noticeable muscle weakness in my left arm...after a battery of tests (emg, mri, xray) the only thing that has come up is ddd and possible MPS...smh...even the workers comp doctors said in their report to the company that "She may eventually return to work, the prognosis is not promising"...well damn...that is positive! Anyway a year later and then some after a PCP, a neurologist, Rhuemetologist and now a pain management doc...I am just simply tired of the pain and the uncertainty never mind even though I won my workers comp case I have not settled yet because they want to close my medical...anyway...my regimen of drugs is as follows 5mg oxy 4x a day (I take 10mg every 12 hours that's the only way that I can guarantee some relief because 5mg simply is not doing it...I have been on 5mg of perc for a year...so it is no wonder that it is not helping...the only thing my pain doc keeps doing is changing my medication without upping the dose...I am on 15mg of flexeril 3x a day and it works somewhat but Im not a believer anymore...800mg of advil 4x a day but it is damaging my stomach and has now given me acid reflux so I had to come off of that...I was prescribed gabapentin and I would swell so much I couldnt wear shoes so I came off of that..now Im just fustrated...my husband thinks that I should work out more...Ive tried pt and it simply doesnt work...he is totally pissed with me because he thinks that I am letting this beat me but I really feel like I have no choice...everything bothers me if not right away then about 20min into it Im in pain...sitting standing driving ect ect ect...I feel like Im at my wits end because I cant get my doc to up my meds...he gives me the excuse that I am spoiling my brain and I will have no where to go as far as meds go if I keep raising the dosage...by 40 I will have maxed out everything...smh...that is hard to believe so I am depending on you guys to let me know what your experiences are and maybe formulate some ideas to try...oh yes...I forgot...I tried the injections and they didnt work they actually made me worse...I have a TENS unit that works somewhat while I have it on but doesnt offer long lasting results...as soon as I turn it off Im back to ground zero...I on average suffer with a 6 daily...approximately 26 days a month with the other 4 at about a 3 or 4...

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I don't feel so alone in this after reading your post! Someone who truly understands!
I could have written most of this myself. I was injured on the job and my claim was initially a back strain. PT only seemed to make things worse. An MRI revealed a small herniated disc and some arthritis, so WC closed my claim calling it a pre-existing condition. I'm still fighting the WC decision, almost 2 years after the initial injury. I have a little better sucess with Percocets (20mg a day) though I'm sure I'm now addicted since I'm sick every morning until I have one. Flexerel and Advil did nothing, nor did the nerontin. I walk with a cane so I don't fall if I get a sharp pain attack. I can't work in part because of the Percocets..(not allowed in truck driving)
I worked hard my whole life and never suffered any real back pain.. ever. I'm so frustrated with dr who don't believe my pain is real!


Hello Dear!

That was written with so much venom...I was totally fustrated! Im sure you already know....at this point I have learned some acceptance...some people closer to me call it giving up. And that just might be a fair description...I go every 30 days to my pain management doc and every 6 weeks to my PCP...I leave with a bevy of Rx and be on my way...it's sad but whatever...I just don't have the fight in me no more...I have since gained about 75 lbs...shrugs shoulders....well I think someone should care about what is happening to me...I dont need sympathy...I need meaningful advice...a correct dosage...or a live in massage therapist...lol...any hoo...I have started lyrica and surprisingly I have been getting some relief....but no promises and no ad campaigns here...I have to feel REALLY GOOD for A LONG TIME for me to give the nod to this latest addition to my battery of medications...I really feel like I was a winning track star and just became paralyzed from the waist down...who would love to have your indepenece snatched from you??? People cant even fathom the idea...never walk again...never work again...never walk unassisted again...40 or younger....most people would never understand...this invisible disease is not understood by most...because there is not a cast or an IV running out of your arm...most people that I know can tell when I am quickly declining and need my medication...but understanding the need to medicate and rest for a while...the understanding is short lived if it impacts them in some way that they didnt predict...not to mention my children and husband...they too are afflicted with my disease because I can not be active with a husband that loves health and working out...participate with my children at home an school functions because of my need to rest or not even go out if it is a particularly rainy or cold day...(shoot it could be a mild 70 degrees with a gentle breeze...lol) I still might not feel up to the task....anyway Im here still without final settlement...and still in pain...I wish you the best and hope that you have more good days than bad ones =)