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VERY recent, RAPIDLY progressing SCOLIOSIS!!! HELP!

Started by Bad Luck Becky on 07/25/2012 11:03pm

Hi All!! :)
Approx. 9 months ago- I had an MRI of the Lumbar Region of my back, generally, on the RIGHT side, as I had pain that NOTHING would alleviate! My Pain Mngmnt. Dr., had me on 4, 16mg. EXALGO/24 hrs., and up to 6, 8mg. Dilaudid for break thru pain/ day, Nothing. No change in position.....NOTHING. As I suspected, my back was, "Totally Jacked up", and "Inoperable". It was noted that I had extremely MILD Curvature of the Spine". I had also, by the way, fractured my rt. hip- straight thru the Ball part of the joint, lengthwise. No TX., just rest. It was a clean fracture. By the way- I have SLE (Lupus), Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, severe (no kidding:) Osteoporosis, and a HOST of other Auto-Immune related conditions that tend to go with the "Big Boys". After several months of agony, it seemed to improve a LITTLE. After approx. 3 Months, my back started up again....AND, what's WORSE, my boyfriend, started saying, "Stop twisting your body, like that, and stop sticking your hip out! You look retarded." I replied that I wasn't. This went on DAILY...ALSO, my mother started in w/ the "Stand up straight- seriously- Josh is RIGHT- you look DEFORMED!" A month later, as I was getting out of the shower- I caught a glimpse of myself, in a full length mirror.....I was ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED! My body was/ IS- HORRIBLY twisted- my Left Leg, looks to be a FULL 4-6 INCHES longer, than my right, my RIGHT SIDE, meanwhile, is THIN, w/ NO hourglass shape, whatsoever< While the LEFT side, indents severely, and my hip DOES jut out!!! I LOOK BIZARRE!!!! Last week, due to an 8mm Kidney Stone, in my left kidney, (which, of course, is what was causing SOME of the pain!) I had a full body plain film. Besides the Kidney Stone, showing to be firmly STUCK in my Ureter, my SPINE IS...just unspeakably curved- SHARPLY, at the bottom of the curve, to the RIGHT- it SERIOUSLY LOOKS LIKE A 90 degree TURN!!! *ALL OF THIS has happened, w/in an 8-9 month period!!!!! WHY??? I danced Classical Ballet, for 12 1/2 years! I have ALWAYS stood or sat....RAMROD straight!! I have ridden Dressage, for over 30 years! (I am 52). This has gone SO VERY FAST!!!! I have NO IDEA as to WHY??? ANY suggestions or guidance, would be SO greatly appreciated!! Thanks, SO much!!!! Becky in OKC

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I have had progressive adult idiopathic scoliosis, progressed from 23 deg to 49deg over a period of time. I recently had an 8 level fusion with instrumentation. I have feared this all my life but it came to a point where i had to get it and I have to say that i am pain free for the 1st time in 20 years! Not gonna lie, super difficult, painful surgery but not as bad as the past 20 years. it’s barely been 4 months and i am spin cycling, walking 10 miles, elliptical, at the gym under PT guidance. My surgeon helped me stave off this surgery until absolutely necessary. I saw a pain management doc she recommended for injections which helped for a while, did acupuncture/ massage therapy/ healer under her recommendation as well.
I think THE most important thing when going through something like this is to find the best doctor you can. I saw 5 other doctors before finding mine who i researched. First off find an adult spine scoliosis specialist, ask other doctors about him/her (mine got unanimous positive regards from any of the other doctors i had seen). I also asked other docs who they would go to or send their daughter to.
Get in to see someone and get a correct diagnosis so you can know your options .
I wish you the best and that you may be pain free.