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Osteoarthritis and Spinal Stenosis

Started by TheBlonde on 08/19/2012 11:23pm

Hi...my name is TheBlonde and I have sever osteoaethritis through out my body from years of dancing and wear and tear on my joints. I started at 5 and am now 67! I am looking at neurosurgery if the stenosis continues...I have cervical spine nerve compression and two of my vertebrae have used by themselves and one is trying and has not completely fused...my lumbar spine ,the sports medicine doctor, said is a train wreck so I am wondering where I go from here? I had a hip resurface in 2006 and my hip is great. I take pilates with a trainer and have been for 6 years. I danced up until last year every week an hour and half as well as doing pilates. I work 42 hours a week and deal with the pain with Motrin and meditation , It seems like I always have had pain or hurt dancing so this is pain with pins and needles and nerves jumping which is scary! I would appreciate anyone imput! Thanks

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I hope you are get better with conservative treatment. for your problem it is difficult to take a decision for your case. we needs more clinical data and all X-ray or MRI has to be posted for more details before our advice.


Hi my name is casey doss i live in lone star,texas on hwy 259 us im 31 male i have done upper spine plate in my upper neck cervicle yes at my age i know i have been on morphin and tramadol and hydrocodone many of them they seem not to work on me athow i have a hi pain tolerance yeah that sucks to i also have lower back plate in my lumbar the reson why i have all of this is becasue i have what u call bones are getting crushed like sand what my doctor said i have a good family doctor and pain manangement doctor too and ma'am i know what u mean by spinal it's tough i know i also have 2 pins in my hips that was done to be when i was a boy at a age of 11 so need to say i been dealing with this stuff nearly since 11 to 2012 and will be for the rest of my life if anybody has these type of seyptoms like i do feel free to right me back love to here form u thank u my email is truckerdoss@yahoo.com