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MRI interpretation

Started by Linn2480 on 08/23/2012 12:36pm

I had my Harrington rod of 32 years ago taken out of my spine May 6, 2012 because it was causing deterioration in the lower spine and thoracic area. After surgical removal of my rod, the doctor said I would now need titanium rods in my spine and a wedge inserted in my lower back to help keep me straighter and to be in less pain. He also told me that without this surgery things might get worse and I will always be in pain every day. I also have spinal stenosis, walk leaning forward, have kyphosis, and osteoarthritis. The doctor wants to do surgery in early October of this year.

I obtained a copy of my MRI and noted that it states "ARTIFACT from retained hardware in the dorsal soft tissues on S1 is noted. Additional postoperative changes are noted involving the posterior elements throughout the lumbar spine."

I am curious what the artifact means from retained hardware because I was led to believe that the rod was removed? Also, the doctor never went over with me about postoperative changes when I saw him to review the MRI.

Does anybody know what these terms mean and could explain this to me. Thanks, Linda D.

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