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Upcoming spinal surgery help

Started by Linn2480 on 09/14/2012 8:04pm


I am going to have spinal surgery October 10th, 2012, to have titanium rods put in my spine with a wedge in my lower back to help straighten my spine and help decrease back pain. The surgeon told me he would start with level one T5 through S1 and he told me that he wouldn't know for sure until he actually operates on me about whether I would need more or not. He said it would be major surgery and that I would be in the hospital for at least 4 to 5 days and then have a long postoperative recovery time. I had a Harrington rod in my spine for 32 years and that was removed May 9th of this year due to the rod slipping and it destroying facet joints, disks, and bone. I experience a lot of lower back pain and especially upper back pain, which is sometimes excruciating. He told me he felt this surgery would help a lot with the pain. Any help would be appreciated on what I can expect after surgery would be appreciated?

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Welcome to the group LInn, my name is Rene and am an orthopedic nurse, my blog is posted if u want to read of my spinal history. As far as them changing your rod to Titanium, thats a good thing, the metal is stronger. As far as your recover post op, its going to take patients on your end, meaning rest, and being careful in your movements and of course or I hope U have a Pain management doctor. You will see the surgeon post op about 4 weeks after, and then another 4 weeks, then usually the surgeons refer you to follow w Pain management on a monthly bases. If you can b more specific to your questions I would gladly try to help. Can you tell me what your recent MRI states as it is worded in report, I know its hard for a non medical person to decipher the terminology ( its all mumbo jumbo) lol, which I can help u understand better,if you want. Good luck, and keep us informed, hope ur pain is subsiding in some way,,are you on meds for the pain and inflamation? looking forward to hearing more of your story,,,,,stay possitive, RENE :)