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Caulda Equina

Started by Lulubel on 10/19/2012 12:30am

I am 52 female with numerous lumbal problems. Ranging from herniatied and buldging discs.From L1-S1. I have DDD throughout my entire spine and a large bone spur a the L1 L2 and buldging disc. My main issues started after struggling with a year and half of severe sciatic pain to where it felt like I had a hot black cord running on the side of my right leg. Less than 2 years later it switched to my left side, creepie crawlies, private area numbness and unpleasant tingling, feeling like I have stepped in water or feeling like my foot is vibrating. I also get the nail in the big toe, electric zingers and feeling like someone is comeing at my back, butt and legs with a needle nose plies to pinch, pull and rip I have slept in the bathroom to keep my feet on the cold tile because they will burn and feel like sandspurs are on the inside of my skin.. I walk with a limp and have had drop foot in the past to the point of falling into people at the hospital. If I have to walk alot I use a cane. I have severe pain not only in my back and around my front (like severe mentral cramps that radiiate down my thighs) but in my butt crack is the absoulte worse. Feels like my bones are going to push thru the skin! I take 1800mg of Neruontin/Gabapentin for Neuropathy as my feet burn and feel like sand spurs are inside my skin.I also take a midline dose of pain med and valium for severe back spasm. Muscle Relaxers did not work. ( I have had to lay at times on the cold tile in my bathroom to get some relief if I have a flare up. But besides the severe back pain. (i live in Jacksonville and see docotors at the local teaching hopital as I am considered indigent and receive medical care via the country At this point I have no choice until I can get a DX to file SSD and SSI.) My question is, my 1st doctor said when I had private insurance warned me about Cauda Equina and said it was considered a medical emergecy. My NeuroSurgeon 4+ years ago...said no way would he do any surgery on me as it would not work or make it worse. Now in the last year I have develped paralysis and unrinary incontinence. But I have never lost my bowles.. But the incontinence and paralysis is not all the time. This year that it started Its probaly happened maybe 5-6 times. The last time in July 2012. Im talking not being able to stop urninating. Regardless of where I am I empy my whole bladder and have complete paralysis for 2-3 days.The humilation and embarrassment it beyond belief. And I sleep around the clock for 2-3 days except to drag myelf to the bathroom. Im literally talking about dragging myself if front fo my 10 y/o nephew on the carpet trying to get tp the bathroom. By the time I can start walking again I have to use a cane for about a week. I get bruises in the worst places, probably from people trying to take care of me. Im not small 5-8" 125 lbs. My new doc who I see on the 1st said the incontince was because of my back,,,,but there was no emergency or really any big deal. Am I makeing someing out nothing because I am peeing my pants a half dozen times a years. Its not like the few drops if you sneeze or laugh.. Its a full emptying of my bladder and ( I always empty my bladder if there is a chance of dozng of while watching TV or leaving the house or going to bed Am I right to be worried and wanting to question this or am I making a pee hilll out of nothing? BTW I have had 3 epidurals, facet joint injections at 3 levels and am due to have the Selective Nerve Root treatment in December at the L4L5. Which I think is a joke as nothing else works including pain meds and Nuerontin. I also have lost over 50lbs and plan on trying to quit the less that 1/2 pack a day smoking with Wellbutring and Stop Smoking ckasses my new doctor does. My BP is also low 115-65 70-75 heartbeats (i think thats what it is. BTW do havesevere insomnia due to pain, severe migraines like 20+ days month which is why I am seeing a Neuro tomorrow. I have funky knees that dislocate,they go out to the sides instead of straight and get caught on the tibia? bones and tear up my tendons and ligaments, severe allergies due to Red Tide in Sarasota a few years ago AND an optic nerve that has gone wokey (i do have 20 20 vision in both eyes) porbably due to my prolonged migraines as it is the side I get the pain in. I have had a complete workup except Gastro and GYN and blood which I will get on the 1st but I did have the Creatin levels done before my MRI'slast with and without contrest. I do have an area in the temporal/occipital are that has lack of bood, and have had an extra opthomoligist testing last weed, including the fiesl vision test for my eyes. Im just tryin to cover all bases of pain or discomfort over the last 5 years My old friend for 40 years yellled at me yesterday about the cauda eqiina (i know what it is) so I thought I would try here before my GP/Med appt. on th 1st and i also cannot sit, stand, walk or lay for any lenght of time. I am a big time pacer late at night. Any ideas? Advice? Sorry for the long book like symptoms. Like I said just trying to cover all basis thanks for your time and consideration and to anyone else that respoinds.

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Now that I am reading back what wrote...I have to apologize for the spelling. I have developed some type of seziures due to pain issues with my migraines and have just come out of a week long "hibernation" not to mention this 1908 computer keyboard here at my moms house. She wont let my BF take care of me when I am sick. We all know Moms do it best. That is one of the reasons I am being worked into the Neuros office today. Please. amy advice or help on any of my issues would be much appriciated/ Much love and hugs for your Friday!