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Posted in: Back pain, Chronic pain, and Scoliosis.

i have 3 curves from my neck to my lower back pain is intense

Started by DanaNicole on 10/21/2012 9:29am

I dont know what to do i found out i had a curve in my lower back when i was 12 the doctors wanted to put a metal rod in my spine but my mom refused. in the last couple years ive seen a few back doctors one took a interest an found that i have a curve in my neck an between my shoulders plus the worst is in my lower back. some days the pain is so bad i can barely handle it. I have muscle spasms all the time some days aint to bad but others is very painful it makes my whole body jerk. I hate having this problem i cant get a job anywhere because of it. And now ive lost my medical insurcance so even when i need to see a back doctor i cant i dont know how to handle this on top of all my other stress an ive noticed the more stressed i am the worst my back is.This problem really hurts also because so few people have scoliosis as badly as me well really very people actually have scoliosis so i feel very alone with this.

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I have the same issue when it comes to stress and more back pain with the scoliosis.Back conditions are always hard to handle when your stress level is high. Wherever you live, can you apply for Medicaid to get some assistance with receiving medical treatment? Do the doctor believe putting a rod in now will help ease some of the pain? If you are able to get medical coverage in the future, get connected with a primary physicain who can refer you to a pain specialist. These specialist can help you manage the pain as to where you could possibly apply for a job in the future.As you said the pain is so bad some days you can barely handle it but remember the day when the pain is not so bad. Take each day 1 at a time and keep us updated.