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Trying To Exercise with Pain

Started by 1317853919@facebook on 12/17/2012 3:05am

I am not sure who has spine damage(other than myself) but we all have issues with pain.
I have foud that it gets worse every day no matter what kind of stretches,yoga,relaxation,or medication I use or try.
Spinal nerve damage is the one topic that doctors or physio's know nothing about compared to us!!
Let us remember that most doctors have in their diplomas a License To "PRACTICE" Medicine.
I'm quite sure we have heard all this phsyco babble BS from pain clinics etc.

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Have a look at this link( hope it worked) and you can see how far behind we are in Vancouver B.C. Canada!!


Rob, I just viewed the footage ( yes, the link worked), I was appalled. I'm going to remember what I saw when I start feeling sorry for myself. It really goes to show how universal chronic pain is, and how the lack of appropriate care is the lowest common denominator. Thank you, for posting this link. I hope, with information like this hitting the mainstream, ignorance will become a thing of the past and will help facilitate the changes so desperately needed in pain management.


Hi Rob,,,Im so fed up too that im seriously contemplating printing out all these blogs and everyones complaints and bringing them with me to my next visit and telling them,,its not just me, so stop treating me like a drug complaining psychopathitic narc seeker,,,and also to tell them its these surgeries that have inflicted all of this mental and physical pain we are trying to endur,,which may I add has been caused by you physicians,,and then U dont want to treat us,,especially with dignity. I want them to read evryones stories. I should mail a packet of these conversations to the surgeons, Neuro MDs, Orthopedists and especcially PAIN MANAGEMENT...Do they wheen or not treat there other patients with other diseases by not giving them the proper meds...Heart patients,diabetics,cancer the list is endless,,and so will be all the print outs I send them,,there must be a way to get through their bthick headed ways of thinking about how to treat us as patients and human beings,,NOT garbage,where they through us to the curb and yet still continue to take our money that most of us dont have anymore due to what they have made us become,,prisoners in our own home struggling for this not to inflict more damage to our family and personal lifestyles, and for many this has become their lives for years, either living in pain,families and marriages destroyed along with ou lost careers and earnings..What does that leave us,,,,,,lonliness,bills, and the highlight of us leaving our homes is to go to doctors appointments,,whoopie..and now another year has gone by and we are all trying to make the best of the holidays for our family to enjoy....Rene