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This is a long running nightmare!

Started by Abnermalchik on 01/01/2013 2:16am

When first posted had low back pain as well as bursitis in left hip. Has truly been a nightmare! My PCP sent me to pain mangement clinic. At first was optimistic he focused on my back which seemed to be biggest issue, and started with cortizone injections under flouroscope. OMG hurt so bad I had to make him stop. Then my PCP told me he wanted me to see hip specialist in his clinic. I've just been approved for SSI/disability so medicare hasn't kicked in. I'm relying on State (Utah) Medicaid. Well hip specialist wasn't much help, wouldn't see me without MRI but in 4 months never requested from insurance approval. So pain management DR. said he'd handle it. And that he could refer me to another specialist. Two weeks later I get letter in mail from Pain management dr. he's closing office in a month! Before my next scheduled appt! PCP sends me to Uof U Neurosurgeon, I know this Dr. he repaired my neck in 2005. Not crazy about his bedside manner but my neck is great after surgery so hopeful. MRI says no disc damage, but Facet Joint deseased. So he sends me to their pain Management guy.

I don't care for pain meds, but at times only thing that helps. Alternatively I use Ice, heat, tens,massage and various exercises, Ibuprofen helps sometimes. Lortab only when none of others work. And most of my pain is from walking even short distances on flat ground.
Well this pain management guy decided I'm a pill freak when I asked for more Lortab, at first visit, my last 2 week supply lasted 42 days! So won't give me ANY. He did the same cortizone shot prcedure as last Dr. but sedated me, I was grateful for that. I was sore for about 4 days felt pretty good for about four more days then back to the same. Missed last appt to try shots again due to death in family and I'm much worse than ever before.
since walking causes so much pain and can't control pain as well any more with alternatives I basically have been sitting around getting depressed and probably making things worse by not daring to move around much.
4 days ago sitting began to hurt so bad I cry quite often. So now laying is only option and even that isn't great. Still using alternatives but getting very depressed. And today all day having tinging from groin down my legs nonstop. Not sure where to go from here. Going for more shots thursday, i guess we'll see.

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teri if I were you I would wait till you get on medicare.. Its hard to find a speclist that takes medicaid. I no It was for me. I no it hurts but if you can get on medicare you can have a betr choice of drs. I broke my back when I was 19years old and was having other probs, my lumbar area is all fused together 8 screws and two rods steel. I got it fixed over a year ago when I turned 60. I had pain that was severe for 40 years. hang in there