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Posted in: Back pain, Scoliosis, and Surgery.

doing scoliosis surgery or not.

Started by 100001317951097... on 01/23/2013 2:52pm

I am 18 years old and having 42-45 degrees s shape scoliosis.
doctor sad it is up to me, doing or not. because it is not very big curve.

my parents are scared because of surgery and trying to change my mind. now i am scared.
i fell pain every day but i don't know how serious and hard it is for doing surgery.

what would you do on my place?

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Honey, I am a 49 year old female with an S shaped curve also. My doctor recently called my back "actually falling over", my curve is so bad. I have what is called a "rib-hump" on the left side of my back. I am in pain constantly unless I take pain meds. I am getting surgery this coming June, and I can't wait!
You are young and your bones are growing/maturing. I would definitely have the surgery a.s.a.p.! You need to get together a support group, even if it's a couple friends, old teacher, your parents, etc... People that will help & support you and just generally "be there" for you when you first get home for about a week or two. It's not THAT bad to have back surgery, yes there is pain, but you get through it.

You can follow me through mine, o.k.? Or if it works out... maybe have our surgeries around the same time. Mine is 6.17.13. I have to do the pre-testing in late May. Let me know, what you decide o.k.?

God Bless... ~Michelle