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24 too young to be hurting

Started by novak127 on 02/23/2013 4:13pm

24 yr old male

healthy/ 2-3 years now ive had nagging neck/low back pain . Physio/chiro/massage all helps but temperary relief. left leg goes slightly numb tight sometimes as with the left arm recently. Upper back muscles are always tight. I unfortunatley have a job that is long hours and mostly sitting all day on the computer or driving. I put 33000 km on my car last year . MRI of neck showed minor buldge at c6-c7 back in october 2012. Lower back didnt show anything .

My upper back and neck is always warm/tight. I just cant seem to shake it off my family doctor does next to nothing just offers me muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories. Im having a nerve conduction test in june.

I use to be active in the gym/ happy/ my job is treating me well and i have good family and support but the pain is becoming brutal.

Physio thinks i have 10 years until i need injections or further intervention. Anyone here have any ideas or tests i should be chasing. I live in canada and everything takes forever. I waited almost a year for the mri

Last summer i had 9 days off in a row and i found by the end of my vacation my neck was loose and wasnt sore. Ive always wondered if my stupid job/stress is just causing all these symptoms

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Hello novak127 thats how I started at 25 now I 'am 59 and have had multi level lumbar fusion if I was you I would get deep tissue massages and see a chiro and change jobs if you think thats it I say several chiros over the years but my back still went bad I was told I have A.S. Thats a type of arititis. sorry about the spelling but what I'am saying is see a rumatoligist also and get blood test . Well thats all I can say except good luck .


Just strange over this weekend it was very sore. I wasnt doing anything different yet today i feel pretty good. Ive been doing physio once a month doing IMS which is like accupuncture. I do chiro and massage once per month sometimes twice

My doctor advised me against chiro along with my physio but i went to this guy as per a few of my clients all suggestings him and doing some research. Even my doctor and physio said if ur gonna see a chiro this is the one to see. He'd told me im not out of line and not really in need of adjustment. He usually just massages my neck and lightly adjusts it to relieve tension. I really dont think it does anything aside from give me a few days of relief.

My main thing is i dont wanna be the guy on disability i want to go travel and enjoy myself. I love golf/working out/ swimming/ just feels like im wearing out at a fast pace . When i was a teenager right up to being 22 i didnt have any pains or anything. No accidents or bad falls.


Hey novak you say you like golf It might part of your disconfort the twisting is bad for the spine be carefull. Just stay in shape and your doin the right stuff.I used to go surfing alot and mountain bike even after I knew I had a bad back. good luck