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Can anyone tell me if they've had muscle spasms and need their hardware taken out

Started by Swede51 on 03/08/2013 9:39pm

Hi Everyone,
I've had screaming muscle spasms for 14.5 years now and had 4 major surgeries. The first fusion I had worked on my upper back. The fusion on my lower back didn't work. The doctor at the Hospital for Special Surgery seems to think that I need the screws and other hardware taken out. He seems to think that the hardware is irritating my muscles.
If anyone has any advice please, please fill me in. It has cost me several jobs because I never sleep and can't really function on the job. I would be ever so grateful to anyone who has had spasms for thier advice as well. Thank you all-Paul

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hi Paul.
I've had really bad muscle spasms throughout the 10 years. when I was working and had them it was like someone hitting with a slegd and they had to carry me off the job if I had a pound for everyone I've had I would be rich. after time I was not safe to be on any jobs I was a danger to my self. It was soul destroying to give up work. I would like to ask you I keep asking my doctors to operate on I've beg them but they say its to dangerous for me. what medication do you take to stop the spasms. if they are good doctors they would understand that when the muscles go into spasms they tighten so would rub your hardware if they could control the spasms you would not have that problem. I know how bad spasms get they feel like the life is being throttled out of you. I understand Paul,