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Doctors in louisiana

Started by 1277683208@facebook on 08/02/2013 9:53am

Does anyone recomend a surgen that I can go see to have surgery for scolosis,I have a 45 degree curve spine and I have several spinal surgeries I need to releave pain but need to fine one in louisiana if possible or closer. and a good painmanagement doctor,

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My husband had knee replacement surgery in Phoenix City Alabama at the Houston Clinic hospital. I've never seen a place like that. To clean the room when a patient is discharged, everything is put into the hall and all sterilized. There are no SICK patients there, just surgical. I talked to some of the nurses there because I saw one of the doctors specializes in scoliosis surgery. They were SO positive about the outcomes - that the patients are walking soon after the surgery. I had been told all along that it's a horrible surgical procedure. No doubt it is, but when and if I have to have the surgery I will be talking to them. I belive the name of the scoliosis specialist at the time (4 yrs ago) was Dr. Burkus. Good luck to you.