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www.slrfusion.com - My attempt to give back to the fusion community

Started by slrfusion on 09/13/2013 12:52am

In July 2011 I underwent a two level lumbar fusions with all the trimmings. Foraminotomy check. Laminectomy Check. Pedicle screws, check check, and check. Cages check.

You get the picture.

In April of 2013 I was checked for some increased back pain I was experiencing. After the test litany (xray, cat scan, MRI, Myelogram catscan) I found that I need two additional levels fused that were fine in 2011.

After much moping, gnashing of teeth and shaking my fists at the sky during a lightning storm ("curse ye fates that cast this lot upon me") I decided that if I was going to go through this again that I would try to make it mean something.

A few months ago I started at blog about my experiences as a two time fusion patient living in a big city. My blog is:


I don't make money off the blog or sell advertising. You will see some products with links to Amazon which are only there to show you where I found the items and to see what they look like. Other than being a normal customers I have no connection with Amazon and receive no compensation from them.

I say this because I believe in transparency. I have worked around the health care system for my entire career. But. I am not a MD, PhD, PharmD, RN, LPN, or DO. I point this out frequently in my blog because the most important thing you can do is find the best doctors you can work with and then listen to them.

I hope some of my words help patients facing fusion for the first time. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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