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MRI results 2011 (post surgery) MRI results 2013

Started by sav68 on 10/28/2013 3:52pm

Hi, I had a posterior cervical split laminectomy in Feb 2011 & an MRI in April 2011 which states: -
Previous Myelopathy. Cervical laminectomy. Now deteriorating.
MRI spine cervical: sagittal T1 & T2 & axial T2 sequences.
Minor reversal of normal cervical lordosis. Degenerative endplate signal changes notex in mid cervical spine, but the veterbral bodies gen retn normal sequence. stigmata of prev surgery at C5/C6 noted Normal cranio-cervical junction. Apart from left C4/C5 - C6/C7, where thers loss of disc signal associated a- broad posterior bulge that compresses the cord assoc with subtle abnormal high T2 signal. (appearences deteriorated since july 2010 MRI).
At C5/C6 loss of disc hgt & signal assoc with degenerative endplate signal changes & a posterior disbulge, no compression due to surgery, right hemicord slightly atrophic & a sml area of high signal here. at C6/C7 loss of hgt & signal assoc with degenerative endplate signal changes& a broad posterior disc bulge but this doesnt cause frank cord compression. But theres an abnormal high T2 signal within the left hemicord at this leve
l (not apperent on prev mri study). Bilateral uncovertebral joint hypertrophy noted resulting in bila
teral severe neural exit foraminal narrowing.
COMMENT: improvement in appearance at C5/C6, but new cord compression at C4/C5 & abnormal high T2 signal change in the cord at C4/C5, C5/C6 & C6/C7.
JUNE 2013 - MRI spine cervical-Abnormal-contact patient
T1w, T2w sagittal, T2w axial sections.
Diffuse cervical spondolysis with multi-level disc degeneration & posterior disc bulging most prominent at C3-4 & C4-5. Stigmata of prior C5 & C6 laminectomy.
Minor cervical canal stemosis at C4-5, at the upper limit of the laminectomy, but no focal cord compression. T2w sections demonstrate ill-defined signal intensity incr within non-expanded cord at C6-7, appearances attributed to cord gliosis arising as a consequence of prior focal compression or related ischemia. Axial sections show spondolytic compression of C5 & both C7 root pockets with minor encroachment upon left C4 root pocket.
Compared with 2011 MRI signal intensity chanes withincord C6/-7 level now slightly less prominent but otherwise there has been little change.
Can anyone tell me how im doing, & what it means so I can look to my future. Thanks for reading this, : ).

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The most important finding from your 2013 MRI seems to be this:
Diffuse cervical spondylosis with multi-level disc degeneration & posterior disc bulging most prominent at C3-4 & C4-5.

which means....several bulging discs in your neck spine, the most prominent at C3-4 and C4-5 levels. The comment (by a doctor) under 2013 MRI also say "little change" from 2011 MRI. The report does not mention any pinched nerves or compression of the spinal cord.

If you feel well, no increasing pain or other symptoms, then it seems that the situation in your neck has not worsen.


I feel for you. My degenerative disc problems are lumbar and into T 12 to T10, next fusion. Take care & I will think of you often.
Urbanite / Marcia