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Why are all these rods braking? I'm just curious.

Started by ragweed2011 on 04/04/2014 1:34am

I've had my back surgery in 2010. I've listened to my doctor.
I treat my back lick its made of glass. I don't lift anything heavy.
And I'm always careful not to do anything crazy. As in times I want to do
Things I know I'm not allowed. So I stop myself.
For those that had rods break. Please explain to me how it happened.
And what you were doing. And I'm not being out of line. But is weight a contributor.
I have six screws and two 8 inch long rods in my lower back. A L5 /S1 fusion that failed.
So I'm connected to the L4 L5 and pelvis. Course I can't eat much do to pain medication.
So please everyone that has had this happen to.
Tell me your story. I want to know so I can watch what I do.
Would be very helpful to me and others on this site.
Thank you.
Ray weed.
God bless you all.

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