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Spinal fusion in 2005 for scoliosis have back and left hip and leg pain please help

Started by 100000154676919... on 06/15/2014 10:28am

Hello I found out that I had scoliosis in 2005 I had found out during a school sports physical and from then on I found out I had scoliosis. My surgeon Vicki Kalen was working at the ummc at the time then she left. I've seen a orthopedic doctor that didn't do the surgery and she sucks I tell her my pain areas and she keep sending me to physical therapy one lady was a little off and the next was a fitness freak and she basically told me I'm fat that's why I'm having back pain I jus had a baby and I'm having more back pain than ever. Before I had my LO I got in a real bad car accident that reall mess my back up. Now I've been having lower back pain then it will move down to my hip then my knee to my ankle and come back sometimes I have shocks to the point I can't move my whole left leg at all I was using my grandmothers cane the whole day my leg numbs up or just throbs it really painful and seem to have no help at all the orthopedic doctor gave me a steroid that made the really sick I was dizzy and vomiting then she prescribe me naproxen that didn't help at all I was wondering do anybody have any suggestions at all I really need help I don't wanna go to the er yet so please help I live in baltimore maryland

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Hi, sorry you are having so ... from Scoliosis Susie
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Hi, sorry you are having so much pain. It sounds like that car accident really is causing issues for you now. I would go to the scoliosis research society website to look for a physician. When you get there look at the top right to find a specialist. When it pulls up look for one by geographic location and physician. You can also look on this site but, be sure to look in the description of their practice if scoliosis is one of their specialties. Hope you find a doctor that can help you. Take care.


Thank you I went to the er and the doctor said I have sciatica so she gave me pills and said follow up with the orthopedic doctor for a MRI and rest that's it but now my whole leg is swollen


I'm sorry You hurt- my friend way back when in high school had scoliosis and many years after we graduated she had to have the rods they put in to stabilize her back removed and she still suffers to this day. She always said she shouldn't have had the surgery. I hope you feel better.


I hope she finds the help she needs I wish i didn't either I dnt think it was that bad to have the surgery anyway I didn't have back pain before the surgery but I'm having pain after and I fell down basement stairs a couple of times so I dnt know if that added to it or now and thank you I pray ur friend finds the help they need