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Herinated Disc at T7-T8 w/ Spinal Cord Deformity and Arthritic Discs

Started by bjeff0007 on 10/27/2014 2:35pm

I have a disc protrusion at T7-T8 with spinal cord compression and arthritis. My problem started in May, 2013. I was misdiagnosed for 6 months with bulging discs. PT, steroid shots, and medication were ordered. A Neurosurgeon in Kentucky discovered the protrusion and deformity. He referred me to the neurosurgery dept at Rush University in Chicago. Went there for a consultation and they agreed to perform the minimal invasive tube surgery. Only problem was the surgery would cost $80K and my insurance would only pay 50/50 going out of network. I'm not rich so that was out. The pain is so great I can't even explain. Lost my job and insurance in December for exceeding medical leave time. Almost lost my wonderful wife of 25 years as we separated for 10 months because I became deeply depressed unable to work or do anything and I was unbearable for her to live with. Had to sell our house to help pay medical expenses so we moved in with my mother. I'm a veteran so started going to the VA hospital for treatment. They keep me supplied with meds (gabapentin, cyclobenzaprine, meloxicam) but they won't do any surgery. Thought they would send out to Chicago and pay for the surgery there but no can do. My wife and I just returned from LSI in Tampa FL. Not sure if I'm a candidate for laser until I have a CT-Myleogram done due to the MRI showing a mass or deformity in my spinal cord. We're on medicaid until first of the year so not sure if there's an obamacare plan so I can go out of network to Chicago or Tampa.

Just wanted to share my story with someone who may have the same problem(s). I feel isolated with this pain. Pain scale 1-10 stays around 9 all the time. Loved my respiratory therapist job but haven't practiced since September 2013. I receive no disabilty or ssi. I love golf, tennis, and bowling. Haven't played any of these sports since May 2013 when my back went out. I admit somedays I feel like putting a bullet in my spine. I've put my faith and trust in God. I know he'll see me through. God bless!

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Hi bjeff0007, Saw your comments & am curious about the " minimally invasive tube surgery" you spoke of. I think that is exactly what I had performed on me but it was not nearly as expensive as your Dr quoted you. I had fantastic results & would like to pass some info on to you if still interested.