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Spinal fusion for L4-L5 TLIF Pain 11(18(2014

Started by Glenda_1 on 12/01/2014 4:59am

Hello! I am new around here and thought I would share my story,
and see if anyone may be able to help with some answers.?

I was in the hospital on the 14th Of November 2014 at 7am for
a spinal fusion and a bone graph. A TLIF for spinal stenosis.
After I came out of surgery I was in pain. The hospital in which
I was had students younger than me I guess in practice?
The pain I was in was so Gawd awful that I rated it worse than
having three children, and it was! My pail was not under control
and when the nurses came in to get me up and moving, they were
really pushy and rude. Not giving me any extra room for patience.
I had to get up out of my bed with no pain meds and then walk down a hall
way, I just cpuld.not do it. I tried so hard but the pain was enough to make me
sweat bullets, and see stars.

I begged for two days for a stronger medicine and they finally sent my surgeon
in. He couldnt believe these nurses only had me on 7.5 hydrocodone, and orderd
a mophine pump right away with a dose of roxy. I was in heaven the last part of the
second day. The nurses appologized and didnt even know I had a TLIF on two
vertibres instead of one. Tsk tsk... I was in so much pain, I tell ya, I cursed out my
fiance and had him escorted out of the hospital. Then told all the nurses that I didnt
Want them back in my room. I was insane with pain...

I have been home for two weeks now and the pain has been somewhat tollerable, but
if I dont take enough of it, or on time and dont keep it under control, Im back to being
insane again. They sent me home with narco 10mgs and flearils 10mg along with
gapabenten 300mgs. I have to take two hydros every 4 hours and if I miss a dose
from falling asleep and wake up, Im in pain again. I was perscribed 120 of the pain pills,
and tomorrow I will be out as I only have 3 doses left.

My question is this, if anyone can help... My discharge papers say that if my pain meds
arent working or if Im about to be out to call them. I am calling in the morning but Im so
afraid they will tell me that is all I get. I also am having extreme anxiety from racing thoughts
that something will go wrong. Im having a lot of fear and surgical pain.

I hope they will call me in something more to take tomorrow for both pain and my anxiety for it.
Do they usually help two weeks after surgery with calling something in??? "0
Thanks in advance, Glenda

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hello Glenda
so were are you at with your pain and did they give you something better?
how have you been since you posted?


Hi! I am 6 weeks post op from L4/5 spinal fusion. You poor thing, I was on a Diladid pump and also got morphine for breakthrough. You should have no trouble getting the pain meds you need. Just be aware that you have to pick up narcotic scripts, as the law changed, and you have to have a hard copy every time. Also ask for anxiety meds too. I also take them, and they help you to think straight to deal with the pain. I'm still on pain meds, and have gone back to work full time. I still have aching pain in both legs, and my surgeon has assured me this is normal healing. Good luck:)