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Two tier spinal fusion

Started by sugarbee on 05/06/2015 1:11am

I have a back injury from a work related accident. I have been found to have degenerating disk disease an the accident caused a herniated disk an a tore disk. I have up coming surgery this month because nothing else has helped. The pain is horrible an my legs an knee caps are starting to give out. From what I saw on the paper work My surgeon is decompressing L 3-5 an doing fusion on 05-27-16 . Has anyone had anything close to this done ? I have been told very little about any of it so far an what to expect about any of it. Surgery is May 27th at Froedtert ,thanks to anyone who can shine some light on this. Need less to say I am very scared .Trying to think positive but also want to be prepared.

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Hi! If you look under pain management I have a long post about my conditions. One of these is I am fused in my neck from C-5 through C-7. I was terrified like you. Especially when he said, I could accidentally paralyze you from the neck down! Yikes! I swear I cried for days and my anxiety was through the roof! After all said and done, YOU WILL BE FINE! :) I can give you some pointers though.....I needed the surgery quickly, but asked if I could take a little time and do Physical Therapy BEFORE the surgery so my strength was up. Wow! The Docs and PTs were over joyed and I do believe it helped me! Now here is what NOT to do! If you smoke or do anything else that depletes your bones, STOP IT! I didn't and my surgery has failed partly because of this. Fusions are also better now then when I got mine. They took 3 bones out of my hip and shoved them in my neck! That hip hurts almost as bad sometimes! Just really take good care of yourself before and after.......especially your bones! Do your PT after as well! Get moving as soon as you can helps too. Good luck to you and don't stress so bad, believe me, I DO know exactly how youre feeling and youll be fine! PS If the doc says anything different then I have, but I don't think he will, listen to HIM! :) The walking part after might be different cause mine was in my neck and yours is low......Again, Good Luck!