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back hips and joint pain nerve and muscle damge

Started by ggloumelon on 05/27/2015 1:11am

HELP is so right!!!! im 30 years old for the past 7 years i have been suffering from back pain, hips pain, hips locking up, nerve damge muscle damge, i have had three MRI, one stating i have budgling disc L1-L5 L5S1 which is the worse one, i have a budging disc at T7-T8, i have been to a back surgion pain management PT i just had my fourth injection today at a new pain management which let me tell u a story of BS, since the new law has pasted and no one is wanting to give NARCO anymore, but want you to take high dosage of gabaptin and muscler relaxers are ok, i went round and round today with the DR, its wrong when a doctor looks at u and saids you are only 30 years old and i will not give u any pain meds, i looked at him and said so its ok to take two differnt kinds of pills that can cause me to pass smooth out and thats ok, how am i to work how am i to be a mom of two kids a wife when as soon as im home from work i have to take my meds and lay down, what kinda life is that pain sucks!!!! when i saw the PT she explain to me i have hips of an 80 year old, the L5S1 and joints stay imflammed, i take antiflam... meds does nothing to help ice dont help heat dont help, im not a pill popping fool when it comes to narco, i cant take them and work but the doctors think its ok to take 400mg plus of gabiptin which is a very powerful drug as well as any naroc, i looked at him and said so u think its ok for me to take them and drive take a chance of killing myself or taking someone elses life wow smart doctors..... SO PLEASE I BEG FOR ANY HELP WHAT CAN I DO!!!!!!

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I hear your frustration and pain and concern. Sounds like YOU know what you need, and I would try to find a doctor who will treat you with the way you need and want to be treated. Yes, at this point too many doctors do not really care about the patient's day to day needs and symptoms on an individual level. So, I would hope that you could still reach out and search for other doctors who would help you in the way YOU know you would be helped best at this point. Stay smart and informed for your own health and life's sake. :)