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Spinal cord stimulator? ? Isn't it too early for one ?

Started by gangimel on 08/07/2015 8:04pm

I am up in arms about what I should do next for my back pain!! A little background, I'm 36, in 2013 I ruptured a disc at the L5 site leading to cauda equina thus emergency surgery. I had a discetomy and Lamy done at that site and thank God my recovery went well. I was out of work for 6 months, then returned for 6 months before re-injuring my back in Nov of 2014 and I've been out of work since. I ended up having a fusion done at the L5-S1 site (ALIF )with the screws , interbody cage, the whole nine in March of this year (took so long from time of injury to surgery because it's a workman's comp case). I woke up with numbNess from my right groin to my knee, which has not improved as of yet but the neurosurgeon says it can take 18 months. Otherwise, a ton of surgical pain but not the original pain I had. My weakness in my legs improved also. I started physical therapy end of May and 4 weeks into it I started with left lower back pain that radiates down my left leg to the foot, I chalked it up to physical therapy at 1st, but it wasn't improving. Long story short, mri revealed scar tissue that's is pinching my L5 nerve root causing the problem. It's intense pain, so back on percocet which I swore I would not take again. But it helps it. I tried Neurontin, bad side effects and I'm on Cymbalta now, does nothing. The neurosurgeon doesn't want to go back in to remove this scar tissue because he feels it will only return so he referred me to pain management for the scs. Shouldn't this be last resort? And having one if these put in isn't a walk in the park so why is this a better choice at 36? I'm so confused about all this! And as far as another opinion, again is workman's comp, they have to authorize everything! I feel as if they just want to say we tried it all, now goodbye! I think on my own without their knowledge I need another opinion. Scs frightens me. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading my sob story, I know it wad long.

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