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synovial cyst

Started by dhcharles222 on 08/09/2015 1:52am

By all accounts from my doctor my Synovial cyst was caused by degenerative joint/disc disease and more specific they say when the Facets in my spines more or less played out. Does this make sense to anyone? I just had surgery and wonder how long the recuperation is and does the cyst come back or have brother hiding, ha. Also does this kind of cyst mimic herniated or compression issues or does this make sense to anyone?
You see. my latest doctor did not really want to do the surgery until I insisted.because pain had gotten to be unbearable. It was only in surgery that he found the cyst and apparently discovered that I was not a wosse after all..
A year and a half ago another surgeon actually refused to do surgery and said nothing was wrong with my back. I guess I had a year and a half severe pain thanks to him.
I am just thankful that tis latest surgeon found the cyst.
I have two adrenal tumors. Does anyone know about those? Are they just another form of cyst?

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I have a synovial cyst but my neurosurgeon said I have too many areas that are too bad to do any more surgery. They are a result of wear and tear on your facet joints and can or not cause problems. See link below. I was told there is nothing that can be done for osteoarthritis of the spine, especially when you have it at a lot of levels. It is about keeping fit, maintaining a low body weight, eating healthy, and pain management. My neck is fused from C4-7 and I also had L5/S1 surgery but I still have a lot of pain. If you had a fusion then your joints won't move there and the cyst won't come back.

I hope you heal well. Get a good doctor of PT once you are healed up. Living to with chronic pain is a very frustrating place to be. I still have not accepted my new reality. Wishing you well.



I just registered on here because I have a question of my own, but I saw your post and I have had surgery for synovial cyst, so I wanted to answer you. I guess I am fortunate . When I started having back pain, I went to Southeastern Spine Clinic in Charleston , SC after my GP prescribed muscle relaxants that did not help at all. My niece who is a PT said that I was fortunate to have been dx so soon. The surgeon is three hours from my home, but was highly recommended. The center did an MRI right away and told me that I had DDD, spondylolisthesis, and a synovial cyst. The doctor I saw at first tried to treat it with an injection , but when they pain came back quickly, I was referred to a surgeon at the center. I asked the surgeon to take out the cyst, but he said that would not work because the cyst would just come back. He recommended an immediate fusion and cyst removal. A surgeon friend looked at my MRI and concurred. The surgeon said that I could return to work after three months, , but I have been unable to go back. I was 62 when I had the surgery so this has not been financially devasting, just a change from my working income. I am thankful for the surgery. I was a speech therapist who worked with toddlers in their homes. My job involved holding and lifting these children. I think I could have returned to a less physically demanding job, but at 62 I did not feel capable of learning new computer systems. My cyst has not returned, and as I understand it, it will not. Hoping for success for you.