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Severe cronic back pain

Started by GMAN4721 on 09/02/2015 3:37pm

Hello my name is Glen Whaley. In 2009 I had a spinal fusion performed at St. Mary's hospital in Knoxville TN. The DR. Chose to do it from the front. He cut me from my belly button to my butt. Well he had to remove my insides an he put a titanium disc in at L5 S1 an instead of bolting it in place he used epoxy glue. Well the glue turned loose in about 8 months. I have very severe pain in my low back in my groin area both hips both knees and my left foot and ankle. Well needless to say I can't escape the severe pain no matter how I lay sit stand nothing helps. I've been to so many doctors it's hard to distinguish which one even understands my condition. The University of TN. Medical center found that the glue had malfunctioned an on the MRI the DR showed me 37 pieces of glue floating in my spinal colum if anyone or any DR. has any suggestions I would be so very thankful I'm 47 years old and I feel like I'm a 100. My wife of 22 years left me after 5 years my sexual parts haven't worked since the operation . It really broke my heart and now I feel like I have a broke back and a broken heart. I live with my parents in North Myrtle Beach because I can't do anything . No exercise no walking a lot of crying if someone has suggestions I'd be forever greatful .

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I have no suggestions, but just want you to know that I am very sorry for your situation. Those of us that live with chronic pain understand the loneliness. Hang in there, keep searching and know you are not alone.


I am so sadden to hear your wife left. I can tell you keep pushing the Dr's! I have dealt with chronic back pain for 14 year's. The only way I've made it thru is leaning on God! It's a battle.....C